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Separate Slip Rings rotarX by B-COMMAND

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Separate Slip Rings High-Performance Power, Signal and Media Transmission

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compact slip rings Our other available catalogues: COMPACT SLIP RINGS SOLUTIONS (256    Pages) (General catalogue) CAPSULATED MINIATURE    (44    pages) SLIP RINGS AUTOMATION SLIP RINGS    (32    pages) THROUGH-BORE SLIP RINGS    (68    pages) PANCAKE SLIP RINGS    (42    pages) - with Housing - without Housing FASTON SLIP RINGS    (24    pages) MINIATURE HYBRID SLIP RINGS    (24    pages) HYBRID SLIP RINGS    (72    pages) - Pneumatic / Liquid + Electric HYBRID SLIP RINGS    (34    pages) - Ethernet + Electric HYBRID SLIP RINGS    (30    pages) - USB + Electric HYBRID SLIP...

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The Company Quality and Safety Offices of our Headquarters Hamburg B-COMMAND was founded in 1995. Since more than 20 years the company has put its focus on production and sales of electro technical components to all parts of the globe. Our technical expertise guarantees the right solution for your applications. In the early years B-COMMAND focused on electromechanical control solutions mainly for the national crane market. Throughout the years the sales area was widened to many international countries and the second main product focus became wind power technology. The company started...

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Separate Slip Rings Slip Rings Technology Slip rings are essential electromechanical parts of TOTAL QUALITY CONTROL commercial or industrial machinery. They have to ensure transfer of data, media, energy and electrical signals in best High production depth is the key to total quality control. Therefore B-COMMAND has established extended electrical and mechanical production capabilities. Different automatic and semi-automatic multiple axis CNC machining centers, grinding machines, milling machines and coating machines offer a wide range of mechanical options during production process. Only...

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Separate Slip Rings Slip Rings Applications WIND POWE R TE CHNOLOG Y · Small Wind Turbines · Signal & Power Transmission · Thermal Imaging · Production Robots ·  Inspection Robots · Security Cameras ·  Packaging Robots · Inspection Cameras · Post Cranes · Pendulum Rides · Tower Cranes · Observation Wheel · Mobile Cranes · Packaging Robots · Filling Machines · Rotating Lights · Capping Machines · Rotating Stages · Revolving Platforms rotarX - miniature slip ri

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DESCRIPTION & SPECIFICATIONS RX-SEP Series Separate Slip Rings (1) Separate Slip Ring with (2) Outer Diameter 80mm, (3) Common Quality Version, (4) Power transmission 10A, (5) 12 rings for power transmission, (6) No rings for signal transmission, (7) Standard Version specifications Cost-Effective Easy Integration SEPARATE SLIP RING SPECIFICATIONS Separate slip rings consist of two parts: rotor and brush holder. This type of slip ring is also called split slip ring or PCB design slip ring. As the separate slip ring unit offers maximum flexibility regarding mounting positions inside the...

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DIMENSIONS & TABLE OF POSSIBLE PRODUCTS Separate Slip Rings RX-SEP003 rotarX - miniature slip rings NUMBER OF CIRCUITS Power 2A 4

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DIMENSIONS & TABLE OF POSSIBLE PRODUCTS Separate Slip Rings RX-SEP015 RX-SEP015 RX-SEP015 Number of Circuits: 8 MODEL NUMBER OF CIRCUITS Power 2A 10 Number of Circuits: 12 MODEL rotarX - miniature slip rings

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DIMENSIONS & TABLE OF POSSIBLE PRODUCTS Separate Slip Rings RX-SEP017 NUMBER OF CIRCUITS Power 2A 15 rotarX - miniature slip rings

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Separate Slip Rings DIMENSIONS & TABLE OF POSSIBLE PRODUCTSRX-BEP0B0    Number of Circuits: 12RX-SEP11B    Number of Circuits: 6 96 rotarX - miniature slip rings

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Separate Slip Rings Customized Slip Rings HYBRID SLIP RING FOR WATER, POWER AND SIGNAL TRANSMISSION MEDIUM SIZE SLIP RING WITH MASSIVE FLANGE • Axial cable outtake rotor, radial cable outtake stator • Steel housing in customized color • Special cable protection sleeve • 12 x 10A power, 1 x gigabit Ethernet, 1 x water leadthrough • Harting connector for power lines • Housing material aluminium MINIATURE METAL HOUSING WITH ELONGATED ROTOR SHAPE • Special rotor design acc. to customer specification • 4 x 2A signal rings • Protection degree IP65 LARGE SLIP RING FOR MARITIME APPLICATIONS • Outer...

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CUSTOMIZED SLIP RINGS Separate Slip Rings MINIATURE POWER SLIP RING WITH CUSTOMIZED HOUSING • 3 x 63A power transmission on minimum space • Special plastic housing • Cable color code according to customer requirement HYBRID MEDIUM SIZE SLIP RING WITH FIBER OPTIC AND COAX TRANSMISSION • Customized housing shape with special rotor design • Gearwheel teeth shape integrated in rotor design • FORJ Fiber Optic + COAX transmission MINIATURE SLIP RING WITH CUSTOMIZED FLANGE • 10 x 2A signal transmission • Flange position and shape customized • Cable color code according to customer PANCAKE SLIP...

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CUSTOMIZED SLIP RINGS Separate Slip Rings SLIP RING WITH INTEGRATED CONNECTORS • Customized fixation boreholes • Customized connectors and cable with connectors • Double anti-rotation-tab on stator side MEDIUM SIZE HOLLOW-SHAFT SLIP RING WITH CONNECTORS • 4 x customized connectors for signal transmission • Aluminium housing with 150mm free inner diameter • Housing without flange, axial cable outtakes HYBRID MEDIUM SIZE SLIP RING WITH DOUBLE COAX LINE AND POWER TRANSMISSION • Customized metal housing without flange • 2 x COAX lines + several power rings • Special cable protection sleeve and...

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