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AZO SOLIDS InnovationManDos - operator-guided manual weighing centre for the provision of micro quantities Precise manual weighing Computer-assisted user guidance Identification and traceability of batches End-to-end documentation Flexible application Preferred applications The operator-guided manual weighing centre ManDos is ideal for micro quantities such as dyes, additives, ingredients, flavourings etc. that cannot be fully automated in a profitable manner owing to their consistency (physical properties) or production need (quantity and frequency). However, it is these micro quantities in particular that have a crucial impact on the recipe, meaning that proper control and documentation are essential during their addition to the manufacturing process. ManDos can be used in the food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and plastics industries. The functions of ManDos can also be used without problem in explosive atmospheres. ManDos is ideal for the following situations: • Low batch frequency • Raw materials that are not suitable for automation • Frequent changes of ingredients • A large number of components • Limited investment resources • Requirement for end-to-end documentation Special advantages • Can be used as a stand-alone system • Can be expanded to a comprehensive, networked batch production system • Logical user guidance • End-to-end documentation • Identification of raw materials • Order, recipe and article management • Storage place management • Creation of calibration data • Host interface • Can be validated How it works ManDos is a modular system combining the necessary subassemblies, such as scales, surge bins, desks, suction systems, barcode readers and label printers, and the software solution needed for this. The ManDos system provides a standard operating concept for a very wide range of terminals. Icons and graphic elements help guide the user. When the order has been started, the operator is informed as to the component that needs to be weighed. After identifying the raw material using a barcode reader, the operator weighs the required amount in a container. A large weight display and a graphic bar diagram with change of colour make it easier to carry out manual dosing within the required tolerance. All the components are weighed into the container in the same way, one after another. If necessary, a label can be printed to identify the target container. The raw materials used and the entire weighing process are recorded and documented from end to end.

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Application examples ManDos with surge bins in production mode ManDos with surge bins in replenishment and cleaning mode Mobile feeding hopper on the product provision floor for replenishing the surge bin ManDos system with surge bins and two mobile sales in an industrial bakery Weighing active pharmaceutical agents Weighing baking ingredients Weighing plastic additives AZO GmbH + Co. KG D-74706 Osterburken Tel. +49 6291 92 0 The design is subject to change due to our continuous improvement program. Weighing chemical aggregates

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