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AZO InnovationManDoS - small ingredient automation The mobile manual weighing system for effective and mobile manual processing, monitoring and documentation Following especially in the small ingredient weighing areas the complexity of production profiles is increasing. To cover these requests a mobile manual weighing system can be used. Objectives and scope of application Customers of the automation industry are requesting more and more flexibility of the solutions to reduce the operating costs of the plants. Weighing small ingredients has to be faster and more effective without unneeded material handling and transport. New product developments are causing higher raw material variety and a lot of new recipes. Mobile manual weighing systems are able: • to cover different storage areas using one system (e.g. cooled and non cooled storage rooms), • to move through long storage rows and to weigh without costly and time consuming material transports, • to handle a picking concept and therefore mobile systems can get the requested flexibility of the customers. Benefits and advantages for the customer Using mobile weighing systems the hardware costs will be reduced as far as possible, because the count of weighing systems is minimized compared to fixed weighing places. Additionally the mobile user interface offers sending messages directly to the operator. So he is able to cover new requests from other production areas to continue the production at the requesting working zone.

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System architecture The system is based on an Ethernet network. A central component is the ManDos server. This manages all the workstations and operating terminals. Basis is a Microsoft SQL server for managing data and the ManDos server, allowing management of mobile and stationary clients. The mobile terminals are connected to the central ManDos server via wireless LAN. With an integrated barcode scanner or an RFID read/write unit they are both identification and operating devices. Scales and other peripherals are connected to the Ethernet and managed with the terminal adapter. Stationary...

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