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Batch and Minor Quantity Automation from AZO® - 1

Batch and Minor Quantity ® Automation from AZO Mixer Feeding from the Market Leader 8700 SYSTEMS Automatic, highly accurate dosing, weighing, collecting and preparing of batches for mixer feeding

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Batch and Minor Quantity Automation from AZO® - 2

Right to the point! Highly precise batch and minor quantity automation from the market leader During the manufacture of food, pharmaceuticals, chemical and plastic products, precise adherence to the recipes is decisive for the product quality. As the producer, you must have absolute confidence in the exact supply of your raw materials. Each ingredient must be meticulously documented. With around 7,500 vacuum weighing systems already delivered, AZO has been Number One in mixer feeding of main components for quite some time. Over 650 installed systems, from ManDos through AZO COM-PONENTER® in...

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Batch and Minor Quantity Automation from AZO® - 3

All solutions at a glance Computer-controlled manual weighing station - ManDos_ ManDos stand-alone manual weighing station 4 ManDos with automatic small component storage (AKL) 5 Automatic weighing of small quantities to the gram - AZO COMPONENTER®_ AZO COMPONENTER® indexing mode 6 AZO®AutoDos: Online dosing and weighing of small quantities 7 AZO COMPONENTER® circular arrangement 8 AZO COMPONENTER® linear arrangement with mobile scale 9 AZO COMPONENTER® linear with mobile container 10 AZO COMPONENTER® with automated guided vehicles (AGV) 11 Frequently changing minor components - DosiBox®,...

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Batch and Minor Quantity Automation from AZO® - 4

Manual weighing station for colours, additives and aggregates at a compound manufacturer Operator-guided weighing of colours and additives ManDos – Computer-controlled weighing from manual to semiautomatic: Ideal for handling your small and minor quantities Small quantity handling with ManDos Small and minor quantities have a major influence on the recipes. Yet full automation is often impractical; the required weighing accuracy for sensitive recipe components such as additives, aromas, pigments, spices and colourings cannot be economically achieved. In this case, the manual weighing...

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Batch and Minor Quantity Automation from AZO® - 5

Your AZO advantages • Exact weighing of additives, flavours, spices, pigments, colourings etc. • Modular design for easy expansion • Computer-supported, more reliable weighing process • Explicit identification and traceability of batches Weighing small quantities in the chemical industry This is where ManDos makes sense • Low usage frequency • Raw materials not suited to automation • Frequent component change • High component variety • Limited investment means • Where consistent documentation is required • When complete solutions with integrated conversion, supply and handling are demanded...

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Batch and Minor Quantity Automation from AZO® - 6

Your AZO advantages • Extremely high accuracy • Very high batch frequency with over 100 batches per hour • No contamination, no crosscontamination • High production reliability through explicit identification • Optionally expandable The AZO COMPONENTER® indexing mode makes sense wherever plenty of components with very high batch frequency and accuracy need to be weighed. It has proven particularly well where difficult products such as colourings, additives and highly active ingredients are automated. Instead of a linear arrangement with mobile collection vessel, in this system coded vessels...

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Batch and Minor Quantity Automation from AZO® - 7

Your AZO advantages • Modular design, expandable at any time • Provision accurate to the gram • Closed system • Transparent inventory • Prevention of incorrect batches • Optional with interchangeable components and single scale • Extreme performance capability thanks to parallel weighing Online weighing in pneumatic conveying systems AZO®AutoDos Dosing and weighing of small and minor quantities Online dosing in conveying line This version is ideal when small amounts need to be weighed to the gram online and fully automated at various consumers (mixers). The small amounts are stored in...

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Batch and Minor Quantity Automation from AZO® - 8

Your AZO advantages • High batch frequency through parallel weighing (up to 40 batches per hour) • Good assignability to specific recipes, e.g. dark and light product lines • Feeding of several mixing lines possible AZO COMPONENTER®, circular design in climate-controlled area The AZO COMPONENTER® in circular design: Cost-effective solution with limited number of components The AZO COMPONENTER® in circular design is recommended They can be fed by vacuum or pressure conveying. Each component small components with poor flowing characteristics. The vibration dosing when a small number of...

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Batch and Minor Quantity Automation from AZO® - 9

Your AZO advantages • Batch frequency: 10 batches per hour • Several supply points, e.g. mixer or pneumatic conveying, are easily realised. • Micro components are pre-weighed with the highest accuracy in a special scale AZO COMPONENTER®, with linear mobile scale The AZO COMPONENTER® in linear design: Ideal for many components Where many components are automatically processed, the linear design of AZO COMPONENTER® is recommended. Here, each of the surge bins, e.g. discharge bases for sacks and Big-Bags, pneumatically fed receivers or containers, is equipped with its own discharge and dosing...

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Batch and Minor Quantity Automation from AZO® - 10

Your AZO advantages • Batch frequency: 10 batches per hour • Efficient solution for difficult products • Several supply points can be easily realised. • No contamination or blending • Spatial separation of product discharge and batch provision AZO BATCHTAINER® as collecting hopper AZO COMPONENTER®, linear design Batches automatically weighed in container This version of the AZO COMPONENTER® is particularly useful where contamination-free solutions are needed, such as in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries or for raw materials with difficult discharge characteristics. Components...

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Batch and Minor Quantity Automation from AZO® - 11

Your AZO advantages • Flexible system, optimally adapted to the application • Precise weighing • Optimal for free, non-linear arrangement of supply points • Very easy to clean Linear AZO COMPONENTER® combined with driverless transport system AZO COMPONENTER®, fully automatic Container system with automated guided vehicles (AGV) When the supply point, such as a mixer, is not arranged linearly, the AZO COMPONENTER® with AGV is a suitable solution. Here, the dosage points are served by a laser navigation controlled AGV which gathers the weighed raw materials precisely corresponding to the...

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