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Azo WMD - 1

AZO®WMD -Water mixing and dosing unit Perfect temperature control of process water for dough production Perfect temperature control of process water No advance flow Constant product safety Modular concept Operating principle and benefit to the customer Dough temperature is a very important quality criterion and can be heavily affected by the process water temperature. The AZO®WMD water mixing and dosing unit supplies process water at the perfect temperature for dough production, in the required quantity, just when it is needed, to ensure that the specified final dough temperature is maintained. The setpoint values are achieved with excellent precision thanks to continuous monitoring of the process parameters - pressure and temperature - and of the flow quantities for hot and cold water at the inlet of the unit. The AZO control installed in the unit records all process data at the inlet and outlet of the AZO®WMD. Digital displays provide information about the current process status. Suitable interfaces are available for connection to higher-level systems, e.g. for setpoint specification or data logging. Particular advantage Process water is valuable. Because the intake temperature is immediately and automatically considered and compensated for when the WMD starts up, there is no advance flow at all. Modular unit The WMD unit is accommodated in a compact manner in a stainless steel housing together with the control. The unit is thus a standalone modular piece of equipment that can be integrated into existing plants with little effort. And it's even easier for new plants. The innovative AZO®WMD covers the current requirements for bakery businesses. Design • Compact, flour-dust-proof stainless steel housing • Most stringent hygiene requirements • Local operation via tablet or smartphone • Rapid and exact input of temperature and water quantity • High flow capacity • Fully automated dosing with excellent accuracy, even for small batches

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Azo WMD - 2

Function diagram Short evaluation time Rapid readjustment Setpoint value Technical data AZO. AZO LIQUIDS GmbH D-79395 Neuenburg am Rhein Tel. +49 7631 9739 0 *) Higher throughput capacities on request The design is subject to change due to our continuous improvement program

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