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Dispersing | Mixing Homogenising Process engineering for liquid and semi-solid processes

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Mixing Dispersing Homogenising AZO LIQUIDS is the partner you can rely on when it comes to innovative solutions for liquid and semi-solid processes in the pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food and chemicals industries.

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Go with the flow! Constant changes in markets and products influence our thinking and everyday actions. Innovative solutions for your liquid and semi-solid processes AZO LIQUIDS GmbH was founded in 2008 as Zoatec GmbH by The benefit for our customers is always the yardstick by which we engineers with many years of accumulated experience in the area of measure the quality of our performance. Maximum availability – and liquid and semi-solid processes. We developed a new generation hence high efficiency – are ensured by the reliability of our plants in of batch and continuous processing plants...

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One for all! Whether as a standalone machine or as a component in our batch and continuous plants: Our innovative homogeniser guarantees maximum performance and process accuracy at all times.

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Consistent foresight The unique design is what sets the InLine zoatec® IL mixer apart from all conventional rotor-stator systems. zoatec® IL Inline mixer: The smart further development • Outstanding, innovative • he mixer is fully CIP/SIP T design with product flow O-ring gaskets, moulded used as a CIP pump thanks away from the drive. This gaskets, a single or a double- to its high pump capacity. results in the mechanical seal meets the most stringent acting mechanical seal is having the longest useful life feasible without making • is available in four different It different shear stress....

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Best for Batch! Modular design Advanced homogeniser Patented pump mode for careful product handling Separation of the processing and supply unit Machine frame in expandable honeycomb form

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Efficient and flexible • various agitator combinations possible • honeycomb design supported on just four machine feet • four load cells provide maximum accuracy for analyses • design complies with FDA and EHEDG regulations • Modular, consistent machine design - scale-up from lab operation to large-scale production. Separation between production and technical area • The agitator/s modular design allows a combination of stationary and moving vortex breakers. Other agitator elements can be integrated on a custom basis (e.g. dissolvers, jet mixers, propeller agitators, etc.) • All components...

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Bespoke solutions for the most diverse applications in the pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food and chemicals industries

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Automatically continuous We also develop reliable solutions offering maximum efficiency and flexibility for continuous processes • Continuous mixing and dispersal of liquid and paste-like substances with a varying amount of dry substances needing to be processed. This means the dry materials no longer need to be mixed beforehand. • The shear rate may differ depending on the nature of the raw materials Powders, granulates and coated pellets can be processed simultaneously. • Precise metering of solid substances combined with a flow meter for liquids makes continuous production possible with...

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Rely on us and work with AZO! Our experience for decades in engineering and plant construction guarantees reliable implementation of your requirements and customisation to meet your needs.

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Your partner for solutions delivering all-round satisfaction Modular plant engineering in accordance with your requirements, and needs and complying with guidelines to ensure your products' quality. • As a member of the AZO Group, AZO LIQUIDS plans, designs and builds batch and continuous production plants. We are a partner you can rely on for your plant engineering and construction projects. We deliver efficient and flexible solutions for the most diverse applications in the pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food and chemicals industries. We implement your engineering plants in conformance with...

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zoamatic smart: the SMART represents the basic version of our intelligent plant controls. zoamatic professional: the modular SCADA concept. zoamatic remote: PLC with an interface for connection to an external system. zoamatic lib: integration into the customer's primary process control and instrumentation system or into that of AZO CONTROLS.

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Intelligent plant controls all included zoamatic controls: zoamatic controls are a modular system that satisfies every requirement. Various configuration levels and optional modules, from the operator control panel solution to the PC-assisted, scalable SCADA solution ensure maximum flexibility. zoamatic controls allow fully automatic recipe operation mode, where entire batches or partial quantities are produced totally automatically in accordance with your formulations. Plant status is visualised dynamically. Process data are recorded and stored and can be printed according to batch and/or...

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The Customer Process Centre provides help in optimising existing formulations and processes. This is where we develop innovative solutions for liquids and semi-solids together with you. The data obtained make it possible to safely expand to production scale.

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Knowledge that pays off Get to know a team of experts that delivers benefits for both your production and your products thanks to their many years of experience in process engineering! • You can experiment with different approaches in our CPC lab using your own formulations and at the same time familiarise yourself with our technology close-up. • Our experienced team can help you with feasibility studies, optimising formulations and processes, new technologies or tests on a production scale. We offer product analyses, pilot tests and scale-up calculations. • Where continuous processing...

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Our after-sales staff will provide you with support and ensure you have the very best solution.

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Tailored support services Just contact us! Tel. +49 (0) 7631 9739 - 222 24/7 service hotline upon request! We offer direct advice and support for the control systems. Various service contracts can be drawn up for this. We would be happy to provide you with comprehensive information about • Our customer service team is available to you at all times and ensures concerted support and the best possible solutions. We are at your disposal at all times to answer any queries you have about AZO LIQUIDS products. our maintenance agreements and our spare parts management. •...

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