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Automatic handling of raw materials receiving, feeding, converting, storing, filtering, indicating levels, discharging, dosing, conveying, weighing, emptying, filling, operating, controlling, monitoring, documenting from innovative single systems to turnkey solutions •••

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AZO automates handling of large, medium and small components in granular, powder and liquid form AZO is the specialist for automated handling of raw materials and of processes. We provide everything as a single supplier – from the initial concept, The AZO Group provides support for successful companies all from innovative individual components for storage, discharge, over the world in implementing innovative projects by using the screening, conveying, dosing and weighing of raw materials right technologies of the future and through its extensive network of through to a turnkey solution,...

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The AZO Group: three specialists with one goal: to optimise your processes AZO SOLIDS is the expert for reliable storage, discharge, screening, AZO LIQUIDS is the expert when it comes to mixing, dispersing conveying, dosing and weighing of raw materials within fully and homogenising liquid and semi-solid products. Whether you need automated processes. From the major ingredient down to micro planning and completion of projects, process design, engineering quantities, from the initial study concerning safety concepts and or maintenance and repair of existing plants: AZO LIQUIDS works risk...

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Solutions from AZO: sustainable and fully integrated • Extensive, individual consulting on site We allow plenty of time to advise our customers on an individual on your particular process. For, only when we examine your basis, since close contact helps us develop the best solutions for requirements closely, are we able to reach an efficient, fully automating your processes. We listen carefully, think things through integrated solution, which conforms 100% with your expectations. and plan ahead when we draw up sustainable concepts which will guarantee you a technological advantage. You will...

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• Innovative AZO technology centre • After-sales service, setting the benchmark The AZO technology centre makes it possible to conduct conclusive Our after-sales service is provided by a team of permanent staff tests for critical processing steps and, in close collaboration with who have been trained to supervise assembly and installation. our bulk materials lab, it improves reliability when designing the They work all over the world and ensure that our high-tech plants are tailored to fit factory buildings and are integrated perfectly into existing productions processes. After...

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Innovative AZO technology centre Every year, around 250 tests are conducted with customers’ products • measurement of fine fraction / moisture content and analysed in detail in the AZO technology centre. The resulting • analysis of various climate conditions on bulk materials data are carefully processed and supplied to our clients. The results • microscopic investigation of bulk materials from the tests are incorporated directly into application-oriented development of machinery and plant systems for handling bulk All the results obtained in the AZO technical centre and the bulk materials...

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Handling of large and medium components with pneumatic conveying systems Large components in dry or liquid form are mostly delivered in They perform three functions in one operation: bulk tankers or tank trucks and stored in indoor or outdoor silos. the ingredients are conveyed, dosed and weighed precisely at the same time. This method allows for a high degree of accuracy even Generally, medium components are delivered in sacks or big bags, with large throughputs. The horizontal flow of material means that liquids are usually delivered in containers or barrels. many components can be...

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Handling of large, medium and small components with AZO container systems Container systems are primarily used when the requirement is for CleanDock® provides a docking system that combines two important batch preparation free of contamination and with strict separation functions: dust-free docking with simultaneous decoupling of the of lines. Generally, the raw materials are delivered in containers, scales. Even when the container has been disconnected, it always big bags or sacks and introduced into the system using appropriate remains sealed thanks to the CleanDock® passive element. This...

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Automatic Handling of raw materials - 9

The AZO COMPONENTER® is a time-tested system with numerous It is also possible to design transport using automatic guided variations for automatic weighing to the exact gram of small and vehicles. Other systems are available depending on the micro quantities, as is often the case when feeding mixers. It is in use in over 650 plants worldwide. Efficient solutions for small components that have to be The circular AZO COMPONENTER® is the most affordable solution changed over frequently can be obtained using the DosiBox® when there is a limited number of components. Weighing in parallel and the...

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Safe handling of micro quantities Small is beautiful! Micro quantities often play a crucial role in The weighing process is integrated into the overall control recipes. However, a fully automated system is not be worthwhile system, it is documented by ManDos, thereby allowing ManDos is the perfect solution. With this system, which guides When combined with an automatic small components storage the operator, micro quantities are weighed accurately, added system, it is possible to achieve a level of automation that is to the recipes or fed directly into downstream processing steps –...

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Flexible filling of containers After the mixing process, the batches are fed carefully and Both volumetric and gravimetric systems are available for filling without segregation to downstream processing and filling using big bags. Whether floor scales, upstream scales or scales integrated systems that are chosen for feeding precisely these mixtures. into the suspension, we provide the optimum solution for every For example, these may be bagging lines, big bag filling equipment or systems for loading bulk tankers and packaging machines. Semi-automatic systems for hygienic filling of big bags...

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