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BEVEL GEARBOX on manual tables Description : This option is suitable for manual leadscrew table Type 309* in size 3 and size 4 (models 309 L/M/N/P/R/S). It allows the handwheel to be oriented at 90° in relation to the axis of the table to facilitate access if it’s restricted. It’s also possible to use the transmission alone (without operating element) to connect 2 tables with a hexagonal bar. => réf : /RA7000 To allow mounting of the bevel gearbox on tables 309*3 and 309*4, the tables must be with a 7 mm hexagonal shaft output (with the suffix /SAX7 after the order no.). Different possibilities are offered to meet different uses : - Orientation towards the front side or the lateral side - With removable or irremovable handwheel (or grip knob) - With (or without) positioning indicator, rotatable at 0°, 90° or 180° and 2 viewing directions Maxi driving torque : 4 Nm / 0 : for RA70 1 : grip knob 2 : handwheel Ø70 3 : handwheel Ø120 5 : handwheel Ø70 long shaft (for RA71 if lateral orientation) 0 : for RA70 or RA71 or RA72/74 without positioning indicator 1 : standard indicator (orientable) 2 : indicator with inverted display (orientable) 0 : bevel gear Hex.7 female (without handwheel, knob or indicator), orientable on 4 sides 1 : bevel gear with removable knob or handwheel (without indicator) orientable on 4 sides 2 : bevel gear on front side with irremovable knob or handwheel (possible indicator) 4 : bevel gear on lateral side with irremovable knob or handwheel (possible indicator) Example of composition of the order no. of a complete table: 309L4200 / SAX7 / RA7221 Leadscrew table size 4 stroke 100 bronze bearings Bevel gearbox on front side with handwheel Ø70 and standard indicator

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