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Command value input commutation Status relay Magnetic vibrator connectionCommand value inputsReleaseOperating indicatorsTrimming potentiometer R1 Mains connection >

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Operating Manual for Controller VIBTRONIC SC(E)΅-2 You will find three different types of symbols in this operating manual which areintended to point out important information: The DANGER warning describes procedures or conditions which could have dan- gerous or even life-threatening consequences for the person installing or using the > equipment. You will find this information with procedures in which a danger of damage to equipment exists. However, this may also result in personal injury (e.g. in case of fire). > Notes provide information about individual procedures. Notes explain circum-...

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Operating Manual for Controller VIBTRONIC SC(E)΅-2 General remarks regarding this operating manual, our terms ofbusiness , warranty and areas of application of the controllers > Transport, storage, extent of delivery and disposal > Basics of the controller and its selection:the function description > Installation and electrical connection > To the point: Commissioning Step by Step > Prevention is better: Service and Maintenance > Seek and find: the Index > 2002 AViTEQ Vibrationstechnik GmbH Version 02/2003 0ɖ4 >

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Operating Manual for Controller VIBTRONIC SC(E)΅-2 This operating manual is intended for the installation technician who installs and commissions the magnetic vibrator. electrician or engineer who carries out the installation of the controller, the electrical connection to the mains network and the connection to the mag- netic vibrator.All work on the controller must be carried out by qualified personnel (electriciansor persons trained in electrical engineering according to IEC364 and DINEN60204-1). > Supplements to this Operating Manual: Connection diagram and dimension sheet for the...

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We are Partners Product Liability and Warranty For your convenience and orientation, we use the following special indicators inthis Operating Manual: A round bullet indicates a listing of characteristics and conditions. Upward pointing thumbs indicate that you should check something. The pointing finger marks operation steps that you have to carry out. > The controllers correspond to the current State of Engineering and have beentested for each of its guaranteed functions prior to delivery. AViTEQ VibrationstechnikGmbH carries out product and market research to aid further development and...

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2002 AViTEQ Vibrationstechnik GmbH Version 02/2003 >

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We are Partners Areas of Application VIBTRONIC controllers of type SCօ-2 and SCE-2 Ŗ hereafter abbreviated withSC(E)-2 Ŗ make possible the stepless adjustment of the working stroke on the magnetic vibrator and, thus, of the conveyor rate of vibration conveyor devices.The controllers must be used together only with AVITEQ magnetic vibrators orequivalent magnetic vibrators produced by other manufacturers in accordance with their intended use. Information in the vibration conveyor device and the mag-netic vibrator operating manuals is also to be observed!The controllers must only be operated...

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Operating Manual for Controller VIBTRONIC > SC(E)΅-2 > Prior to installation and/or commissioning, you should familiarise yourself with all details of the controller and with the connection options of the magnetic vibrator. For more information, see the chapter in the operating man-ual on connecting the mag-netic vibrators. > 2002 AViTEQ Vibrationstechnik GmbH Version 02/2003

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Transport, Storage Delivery: we ship controllers and accessories in purpose-built packaging to ensure that they reach their destination without damage. If the packing is visibly damaged in a way that indicates damage to the contents, contact the forwarding agent! In further proceedings, take notice of the General Conditions of Business of the forwarding agent in order not to risk your claim for > damages by improperly filled out forms! Storage: unless special agreements concerning packing and storage have been made, the units, either packed or unpacked, must be stored and trans- ported...

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Operating Manual for Controller VIBTRONIC SC(E)΅-2 Unauthorised combinations may result in destruction of the magnetic vibrator or controller! Mains voltage, mains frequency and vibration frequency must be identi-cal! The nominal current of the controller must be the same or greater than the > peak current of the magnetic vibrator. Only connect compatible devices! > The following materials are used by us for the shipping of controllers, dependingon the mode of transport: Polyethylene foil (PE) for device protection Corrugated cardboard for outer and inner packing > Wooden cases for outer...

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Transport, Storage In case of disposal by the customer, and when exchanging components, the cur-rent local waste and disposal regulations apply and should be observed. We accept no responsibility for improperly disposed of parts and components! For the disposal of the controllers, the regulations for the disposal of elec-tronic parts and components apply. The power semiconductors used (thyristor and diode module) do not contain beryllium and thus may be disposed of as electronic waste. Detailed information concerning the used materials is available from us upon request. In case of doubt,...

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Operating Manual for Controller VIBTRONIC SC(E)΅-2 AVITEQ magnetic vibrators must be operated with the appropriate VIBTRONICcontrollers. Depending on the application and the size of the magnetic drive,AViTEQ Vibrationstechnik GmbH delivers controllers of series SC(E)-2 in sizes"CN", "DN", "EN", or "ES" as either cabinet or panel mounting unit. > Type SC(E)Ņ-2 controllers are alternating voltage regulators and they operate onthe voltage regulation principle (phase regulation). Controllers for vibration conveyor devices with an oscillation rate of 1,500min > -1 (25Hz) at a mains frequency of...

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