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Series SA...-2 in panel mounting and cabinet unit Operating Manual VIBTRONIC-Connector Sets for Magnetic Vibrators >

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Operation and display elements on the VAE-2- control board >

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VIBTRONIC connector sets of type SA...-2 and SAE...-2 are designed and constructed as alternating voltage regulators for controlling magnetic vibrators; they operate on the voltage regulation principle (phase regulation). The connector set has been designed for use with mains networks having a frequency of either 50 or 60 Hz and a sinusoidal voltage. Do not use the connector set in environments where there is a danger of explosions and/or pit gas! Observe the information regarding the intended uses given in chapter 1.3! >

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You will find three different types of symbols in this operating manual which are intended to point out important information: DANGER! The DANGER warning describes procedures or conditions which could have dangerous or even life-threatening consequences for the person installing or > using the equipment WARNING! You will find this information with procedures in which a danger of damage to equipment exists. These damages could also result in injury to > personnel (e.g. resulting from a fire!) NOTE: Notes provide information regarding individual tasks. Notes explain cir- cumstances, clarify...

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Although we developed the VIBTRONIC connector sets taking into account all safety measures, operational error cannot be completely eliminated. In the interest of your safety and that of your colleagues, observe the following information: DANGER! Life threatening voltages are present within the connector set when it is connected to the mains voltage. Contact with voltage-carrying components can be fatal! Before switching on mains, ensure that contact with voltage-carrying components is not possible! > DANGER DANGER! Explosions can be life threatening and result in great damage to equipment....

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1996 AVITEQ Vibrationstechnik GmbH > The VIBTRONIC connector sets, Series SA...-2 and SAE...-2 as well as this operation manual are copyright protected. Any reproduction of the units will be prosecuted. All rights of this operating manual are reserved, including reproduction via photo mechanical, print, data or any other possible medium, as well as in translation. Reproduction of this operating manual, complete or in part, may only be carried out with the written consent of AVITEQ Vibrationstechnik GmbH. VIBTRONIC is a registered and protected trademark of AVITEQ Vibrationstechnik GmbH....

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General notices regarding this operating manual, our Conditions of Sale, the Warranty and the Intended Use of the connector sets Shipping, storage, delivery contents and disposal Here you learn the fundamentals of the connector set and its selections: The function description Assembly, electrical connection To the point: Commissioning Step by Step Prevention is better: Service and Maintenance Not to be forgotten: Troubleshooting Seek and find: the Index >

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1.1 About this Operating Manual 1.2 Product Liability and Warranty 1.3 Fields of Application and Intended Use 1.4 Maintenance and Repair 1.5 Installation and Operating Personnel > Chapter Outline Although you might want to get immediately started with our connector set, we would like you to read this chapter first. It provides a summary of the contents of the operating manual and settles our legal relationship as parties to a contract. size="-2">

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This operating manual is directed to the installation technician who installs and commissions the magnetic vibrator. Օ electrician or engineer who carries out the installation of the connector set, the electrical connection to the mains network and the connection to the magnetic vibrator. All work concerning the connector set must be carried out by qualified personnel only (a certified electrician or an electrically trained person according to IEC 364 and EN 60204-1). DANGER! Electrically live components! Risk of lethal shock when mains is con- nected. Observe the aforementioned safety...

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You have already learned how safety notices are indicated, or...? If there are still unclear points regarding safety when working with and around the connector sets, give us a call! We do not want you to endanger yourself or others just because the possible dangers were not clear to you! For your convenience and orientation, we use the following special indicators in this operating manual: A round dot stands for listings of characteristics and conditions A checked box tells you to check for something or to read a summary. The pointing finger marks operation steps that you have to carry out....

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The connector sets have been designed for a long service life. They correspond to the current state of science engineering and have been tested individually for each of its guaranteed functions prior to delivery. AVITEQ Vlbrationstechnik GmbH continually conducts product and market analyses for further development and improvement. Should malfunctions or failures occur despite these preventative measures, please contact our service department! We guarantee that appropriate measures for the repair of the defect will be taken immediately. > We guarantee the functioning of the product as...

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Moreover, we decline any liability for damages to conveyor and automation systems caused by malfunctions of the product or faults in the operating manual. We are not liable for consequences caused by accessories that were not delivered or certified by AVITEQ Vibrationstechnik GmbH. We are not responsible for the violation of patent rights and other titles of third parties outside of the Federal Republic of Germany. We are not libable for damages due to inappropriate handling as defined in this operating manual. We explicitly exclude liability for profit loss, and particularly for...

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VIBTRONIC connector sets, types SA...-2 and SAE...-2, hereafter abbreviated with SA(E)...-2, allow infinite adjustment of the working stroke on the magnetic vibrator and thereby of the conveyor rate from vibration conveyor devices. The connector sets must be used together only with AVITEQ magnetic vibrators or corresponding magnetic vibrators from other manufacturers in accordance with their intended use. Information in the vibration conveyor device operating manual is also to be observed! The connector sets must only be operated with magnetic vibrators from other manufacturers when their...

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