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Materials handling Vibrating conveyors with magnetic or unbalanced drive Solutions for your success

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Vibrating conveyors with magnetic or unbalanced drive. AViTEQ Vibrationstechnik AViTEQ Vibrationstechnik has solutions Vibration technology - without this kind of drive technology modern material handling would be impossible. discharging and batching, conveying horizontally screening, classifying, dewatering conveying vertically Vibrating conveyors from AViTEQ Vibrationstechnik GmbH are used in applications worldwide, in almost every industry. At AViTEQ Vibrationstechnik GmbH (formerly AEG Vibrationstechnik) we manufacture and sell a complete range of systems and drives that use vibratory...

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Tubular feeder Directionally controlled feeder Spiral conveyor Conveying feeder Tubular feeder Bin discharge unit with directed force exciter

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Vibrating conveyors for feed rates Proven technology Vibrating conveyors have proven their worth over decades in use with bulk materials: in transportation, in continuous or batch controlled feeding, or in dosing. The design of our devices and the materials used to manufacture them are determined by application, grain size, material density and bulk material characteristics. Bin discharge unit for layer height The conveying principle Steel troughs are accelerated with vibration drive in throwing direction so that the material conveyed moves forward gently in "micro-throws". The...

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Construction steel S235 JRC is most commonly used to manufacture vibrating conveyors. This material can be easily formed and welded and its wear resistance is sufficient for most applications. For applications subject to greater wear, particularly resistant steels are used. For food products, adhesive or aggressive substances, oxidation resistant nickel chromium steels are used, e.g. V2A or V4A. Liners Trough feeders can be lined to protect against: In working conditions with temperatures up to 900 °C, temperature and heat resistant steels are available (e.g. Novotherm®). • Caking or...

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Drives and control devices Magnetic vibrators offer infinitely variable adjustment of the feed rate during operation, full capacity as soon as the system is switched on and within fractions of a second after switching it off the material flow is stopped. Other features include a high number of operating cycles and nearly unlimited service life. Moreover, the magnet system is protected from overheating and its design makes adaptation and initial operation easy. Thrust crank drives have proven their worth, particularly connecting rod designs used over long conveyor segments. This drive...

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Housing design Braking unit Speed controller Brake unit and throstle Frequency converter VIBTRONIC®-controllers are designed to supply AC voltage to control magnetic vibrators. They operate according to the principle of voltage control (phase-fired control). For all standard voltages in the 50 and 60 Hz main supply, AViTEQ has a suitable controller available in either a built-in or housing design. The controllers have voltage compensation for fluctuations in the main supply and some models have a limited control that protects the magnetic vibrator from impact. The setpoint specification can...

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Performance data Magnetic vibrator Unbalanced motor Housing design Unbalanced exciter Magnetic vibrator Centrifugal force Synchronous rotational speed / frequency VIBTRONIC®-S controller VIBTRONIC®-U braking system VIBTRONIC®-U speed controller Unbalanced exciter Mains supply Three-phase current, 50 or 60 Hz Three-phase current, 50 or 60 Hz AC, 50 or 60 Hz Power consumption Ambient temperature Protection class IP66 (DIN EN 60529) tropicalized insulation, ATEX zones 21 and 22 Tropicalized insulation, Explosion protection, CSA design Explosion protection for ATEX zones 1 and 2 Explosion...

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Sealing systems Design models Sealing elements are used to close off the transition area between stationary components and the vibrating device tight to protect it from dust. The following standard sealing elements are used with AViTEQ vibrating conveyor systems. Seal type Closed gasket. Attachment with metal spanner Depending on cloth material, -20 to +250 °C, Simplest and most costeffective type of sealing for round inlets and outlets Materials used: Trellex®, neoprene and silicone Simplest and most costeffective type of sealing for square inlets and outlets, only limited dust tight in...

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Vibration insulation Support and suspension equipment Support and suspension elements Support or suspension equipment is used with a vibrating conveyor both to take on the entire load and to prevent the vibration from being transferred into the surrounding environment. Although very sturdy elements are required to pick up the load, damping the vibration requires a flexible spring system to transfer as little of the dynamic force to the supporting structure, the bunker or the building structure as possible. The most important criterion is that the natural frequency of these components must...

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Design models Support type Vibration frequency Support with pressure loaded rubber buffer Simplest type of support, holds feeder position well, even during switch on and off, little displacement Holds feeder position precisely Suspension with pressure loaded rubber buffer Simple suspension at bunkers or covers, conduit height adjustable Feeder position not held precisely Support with pressure loaded hollow rubber buffer Simplest type of support, holds feeder position well, even during switch on and off Holds feeder position precisely Suspension with pressure loaded hollow rubber buffer...

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