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Small conveyor units KF - 2

closed troughs and tubes for dust-sealed conveyingand dosing of bulk goods open troughs for conveying and dosing bulk materials workpiece-specific rails for conveying and orientedstorage of parts > Small-parts conveyors are vibrating conveyors used for discharging, conveying, feeding, dosing and distributing fine-grained bulk materials and not for bulky material. AViTEQ Vibrationstechnik, formerly AEG Vibrationstechnik, has been manu- facturing these conveyors for over 50 years.They are used in many branches of industry, forexample in the chemical and synthetic materials industries, food...

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Small conveyor units KF - 3

Small-parts conveyor drive, preferable for use with attachments for conveying and dosing bulkmaterials > Small parts conveyor drive, preferable for usewith attachmentsfor conveying and oriented storage of parts 3 >

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Small conveyor units KF - 6

Small-parts conveyordrive Type KF 1, KF 6, KF 12Small-parts conveyordrive Type KF 0.3; KF 0.5; KF 0.7; KF 0.9 TypeFor attachment > 1) with Weight Amplitude/Max. currentProtectionPermissibleIdealmax. max. without min. on consumptiontype acc. to ambient weightweight > 2) length Lattachment50 Hz mainsat 230 V,DIN 40050temperature50 HzC kgkgmmkgAKF 1 > 3) 1.53.5600 > 4) 8.06,0000.20IP 5540 KF 6 > 3) 3.07.01,000 > 4) 20.03,0000.85IP 5540KF 12 > 3) 6.020.01,400 > 4) 33.03,0002.20IP 5540 KF 2418.045.01,800 > 4 )93.03,0004.40IP 5540KF 0.3 > 5) 0.30.5350 > 6) 1.56,0000.06IP 5540 KF 0.5 > 5)...

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Small conveyor units KF - 9

Control unitSRAControl unit SRAEŅ Control unitSW-A100-1 Device forNo. ofControl unit 230 V, 50 Hz Control unit 230 V, 50 Hz connectionvibrations without level scanning system/part overflowwith level scanning system/part overflowat 50 HzRatedProtection WeightRatedProtection Weightcurrenttype as per currenttype as per Typemin > -1 TypeAEN 60529kgTypeAEN 60529kgKF 16,000SRA-C100/01-1-16.0IP 541.4SRA-C100/01-2-16.0IP 541.4 SRAE-C100/01-1-16.0IP 000.7SRAE-C100/01-2-16.0IP 000.7KF 63,000SRA-C50/01-1-16.0IP 541.4SRA-C50/01-2-16.0IP 541.4 SRAE-C50/01-1-16.0IP 000.7SRAE-C50/01-2-16.0IP 000.7KF...

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Small conveyor units KF - 10

ExampleSRA E-C50/01-1-1Controller, ASR E -C5001-1-1 with voltage regulation Device generationPanel mounting unit, cabinet unit withoutEӔSize and vibration frequency:C50(6A; 3,000/3,600 min > -1 -1 ) C100 (6A; 6,000/7,200 min )Encryption of the mains voltage range00 = 105115 V 01 = 220֖240 VVersion:1 = no special functions 2 = level scanning system/part overflow controller Version number >

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Small conveyor units KF - 11

When planning projects including small-parts conveyors,please provide as much detail as possible. We have drawn up a checklist to help you. Fill in and send to us accompanied by a sketch of the installation situation. > Discharging Conveying Distributing Dosing Loading Storing Extreme climatic conditions Conveying over a distance ofmm Ambient temperatureC Humidity% > Corrosive influences, e.g. proximity to sea or Inlet end: bunker, silo, conveyor belt, centrifuge, container scales, > Outdoors Under roof In building slide, parts conveyor or > Outdoors Under roof In building Outlet end:...

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Small conveyor units KF - 12

Directive 94/9/EC - also known as the ATEX Direc-tive - which governs the marketing and use of oper- ating materials for potentially-explosive atmos- pheres has been applicable within the European Union since 01.07.2003. Directive 94/9/EC affectsboth the manufacturer of products for potentiallyexplosive atmospheres and the operating company of systems used in potentially explosive atmos-pheres.This new legal position classifies products into twoequipment groups. Equipment Group I includes allproducts used for underground operations in minesas well as their bank-head installations that...

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