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Vibrationstechnik GmbH Conveying Equipment GETTING YOUR BULK SOLIDS MOVING

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AViTEQ Vibration Technology WE DRIVE YOUR SUCCESS For more than 75 years, AViTEQ Vibrationstechnik GmbH has provided oscillating conveyor solutions to almost 350,000 projects. Our extensive experience and vibrating conveyor expertise is evident with our 125 AViTEQ employees worldwide, who are always to support our international client base. UNSHAKEABLE QUALITY AViTEQ systems and components feature comprehensive functionalities including: conveying, sorting and dosing, screening, classifying and dewatering, compacting and loosening, cooling and heating of various bulk materials. We provide...

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AViTEQ Product Portfolio QUALIFIED PARTNER FOR SYSTEMS AND COMPONENTS Components AViTEQ develops, builds and distributes drive components and control systems for vibrating conveyor systems. We also offer 24-hour replacement part support from the spare part warehouse, as well as various repair services (in-house or on-site). Drive technology Control technology / Accessories Systems AViTEQ plans and realises vibration and process engineering solutions. Furthermore, a comprehensive offer including all-round service is made possible through AViTEQ and AEG. Conveying technology Screening...

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DISCHARGING FEEDING CONVEYING Vibrating conveyors are proven technology, tried and tested with bulk material over decades. They can feed the material continuously or in batches, and can meter it. The conveyor is always custom-built in terms of the design and the materials used. The structure and layout are determined by the intended use, the grain size, the material density and the material behaviour. AViTEQ engineers calculate everything to perfection. There are 75 years of experience to draw upon, as well as a database of more than 3,600 bulk materials and results from countless tests and...

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ride time of particle ride time of particle L = release point L* = release point following L A = landing point tw = jump time tR = ride time of particle on the trough THE CONVEYING PRINCIPLE AViTEQ conveying equipment is based on a single conveying principle that has stood the test of time: a vibrating drive accelerates a trough-shaped steel structure in the jump direction, gently moving the bulk material forward in tiny jumps. The transport process is determined by the frequency and ampli- tude of vibration, the angle of impact and the trough inclination. The drive system is selected on...

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Special-Purpose Equipment from AViTEQ A TALENT FOR THE SPECIAL THINGS For decades now, AViTEQ has been designing special-purpose equipment to perform various functions: horizontal or vertical conveying, sorting and metering, distributing free-flowing material across belts or rolls, knocking-out from moulds or compacting concrete mixes. AViTEQ special-purpose equipment is always perfectly suited to every application, however large or small, heavy or lightweight, robust or gentle, hot, abrasive or sharp-edged. Our bulk materials database contains more than 3,600 materials, and is an...

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FINITE ELEMENT METHOD (FEM) The finite element method has proved itself to be an excellent way to improve products and components. AViTEQ, too, recognises the benefits of this modern simulation method. We use it to identify hidden weaknesses and eliminate them. But FEM can do more than verify the reliability of a structure. An analysis often shows where cost optimisation is possible, and we are happy to pass this on to our customers. BULK MATERIALS DATABASE About 3,600 different bulk materials, with their principal characteristics, are stored in the AViTEQ bulk materials database -...

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Materials and Linings PERFECTLY STYLED FOR EVERY APPLICATION Our vibrating equipment is made of different materials depending on the intended application. S235 JRC structural steel is ideal for most conditions. It is malleable and easy to weld, its resistance to wear is sufficient for most applications, and it is economical. We use extra strong special steels where increased wear is expected. If there will be contact with foodstuffs, adhesives or aggressive substances, we prefer to use oxidation-resistant chromium-nickel steels such as V2A or V4A. We use heat-resistant steels like...

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To get bulk material moving, parts of the equipment are vibrated. So that only the bulk material moves, the vibrating parts are isolated from the stationary parts. To do this, AViTEQ uses a range of sealing systems. As well as damping the vibration, they protect sensitive components from dust. AViTEQ sealing systems are all very different from each other, but they all have two things in common: they are maintenance-free and extremely durable. The following sealing elements are used in AViTEQ vibrating equipment. SEAL TYPE DESCRIPTION TEMPERATURE BENEFITS Closed gasket. Secured with...

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Vibration Isolation HARD ON THE OUTSIDE, SOFT ON THE INSIDE The support and suspension elements of a vibrating conveyor perform two functions: • they absorb the loads • they dampen the vibrations Whereas rigidity and stability are needed to absorb the loads, vibration damping requires flexibility. The aim is to transfer the least possible dynamic forces to the supporting framework, the hopper or the building structure It is particularly important to ensure that the resonant frequency of these surrounding structures is different from the working frequency of the vibrating conveyor. That is...

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Vibration Isolation SUPPORT AND SUSPENSION EQUIPMENT SUPPORT TYPE VIBRATION FREQUENCY Rubber buffer Support with rubber buffer under compression Simplest type of support, trough position securely fixed even during system startup and shutdown, minimal travel Simple suspension to hopper or ceiling, height of trough adjustable Simplest type of support, trough position securely fixed even during system startup and shutdown Simple suspension to hopper or ceiling, height of trough adjustable Flexible suspension, good vibration isolation, also suitable for high-temperature materials Flexible...

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