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AViTEQ Vibrationstechnik WE DRIVE YOUR SUCCESS AViTEQ Product Portfolio QUALIFIED PARTNER FOR SYSTEMS AND COMPONENTS For more than 75 years, AViTEQ Vibrationstechnik GmbH has provided oscillating conveyor solutions to almost 350,000 projects. Our extensive experience and vibrating conveyor expertise is evident with our 125 AViTEQ employees worldwide, who are always to support our international client base. Systems AViTEQ plans and realises vibration and process engineering solutions. Furthermore, a comprehensive offer including all-round service is made possible through AViTEQ and AEG....

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The greatest strength of AViTEQ compact feeders is their modular construction. This allows them to be tailored for specific applications. As well as conveying goods, AViTEQ compact feeders can also be used for screening, spreading, sorting or weighing. The materials used are chosen to suit the conveyed goods and if desired, it is possible to use the controllers to fully automate the process. This gives customers complete freedom of choice. They have quick, easy access to standard solutions but they can also take advantage of customised solutions that are tailored for their specific...

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Design variants MULTI-TALENTED DEVICES AViTEQ compact feeders are two-mass vibration systems, which are tuned to be close to resonance frequency. The drive section contains the elements that generate the vibration. These include an electromagnet and the leaf spring packages. The conveyor attachment – also referred to as the working unit – is firmly attached to the drive and can be removed in a matter of moments. Thanks to their optimum design and tuning, the vibration of these systems is exceptionally regular. Trajectory of conveyed particle A characteristic feature of AViTEQ compact...

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AViTEQ compact feeder drives SMALL BUT MIGHTY TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS Vibration frequency: 50, 100 Hz in a 50 Hz network 60, 120 Hz in a 60 Hz network Capacity: from a few kg/h to more than 50 t/h The AViTEQ product portfolio contains two groups of compact feeder drives. The characteristics of these two groups are tailored for different applications: Working weight: 0.3 – 45 kg Mains frequency: alternating current (50 or 60 Hz) The group with the KF 1, KF 6, KF 12 and KF 24 devices are mainly suitable for discharging and conveying bulk material. This includes applications such as...

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AViTEQ compact feeder drives ROBUST, POWERFUL AND RESILIENT ATEX conformity SENSITIVE TO THE NEEDS OF SPECIAL AREAS COMPACT FEEDER DRIVES Types: F 1, KF 6, KF 12, KF 24 K AViTEQ compact feeders are also available in versions with qualities that conform to the ATEX Directive. Kleinförderantrieb Kleinförderantrieb Kleinförderantrieb Kleinförderantrieb Kleinförderantrieb Kleinförderantrieb Kleinförderantrieb Kleinförderantrieb Kleinförderantrieb Typ KF Typ KF 1, KF 6, Typ KF 0,3; KF 0,5; KF 1, KF 6, Typ KF 0,3; KF 0,5; 0,3; KF 0,5; Typ Typ KF 1, KF 6, 6, Typ KF 0,3; KF 0,5; Typ KF 0,3; KF 0,5;...

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Compact feeders VERSATILE ALL-ROUNDERS Compact feeders with storage containers ALL-ROUNDERS THAT JUST KEEP GIVING Main measurements Type Material 21 Capacity 3) Dimensions [mm] Trough weight Suitable for compact feeders Material Storage container and base Container capacity Weight of storage container with base 0l kg

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Controllers - magnetic technology INTELLIGENT CLOCKS Benefits AViTEQ provides separate controllers for its compact feeders. The controllers are suitable for 50 or 60 Hz alternating current networks. The modern, electronic controllers in the SRA and SC series are thyristor controllers. Using their standard functions and their additional, customisable options, they can be adapted to suit application-specific requirements. Alternatively, a frequency controller from the SFA series can be chosen. These controllers score highly because they offer a wide variety of options. Thyristor: •...

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We are there for you, around the world, and in over 30 countries locally. Talk to us, become a customer, and find out exactly what quality and service Made by AViTEQ means. We always keep our contact information up-to-date for you at: £ £ Vibrationstechnik GmbH AViTEQ Vibrationstechnik GmbH Im Gotthelf 16 D-65795 Hattersheim

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