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TVOC Transmitter AVC-910 Series To define indoor air quality, it is important to monitor the concentration of several different gases or hazardous substance in air. VOCs are emitted as gases from certain solids or liquids, such as building materials and furnishings, office equipment, wood preservatives, cleansers and disinfectants, drycleaned clothing or stored fuels and automotive products, etc. AVC-910 series air quality transmitter can measure the concentration of TVOC, and also can send signal to monitoring center to control air purifying or ventilation system, depending on measurement result. This would be an efficient solution to ensure indoor air quality. Perfect applications are home, office, indoor parking, library, hospital, shopping mall and etc.

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Sensing element MEMS metal oxide Response time Measurement range Coverage area About 100m2 (1)(4) RS-485 (Modbus RTU); LoRa (Peer to Peer), radio frequency band: 862 ~ 932 MHz(2) Signal output Calibration interval( Recommended) Sensor lifespan Pressure range Storage Temp. Warmup time Power supply Power consumption Case material IP30 (No protection from liquids) Note: (1) The coverage area should be considered individually to account for the particular layout and any varying or enclosed spaces. It is recommended to install at least one device in each room. (2) The frequency channels will be...

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