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I. Preface When it comes to the wireless integration of field devices, most system integrators will encounter the challenge of different protocols between facilities and systems. Besides, in the renovation case of the old building, the fixed distribution of pipes and cables makes the sensor deployment more complex and increases the installation cost as well. With regard to these difficulties, Aecl develops the devices with the LoRa Modbus RTU communication to provide an optimal wireless solution. II. Introduction The LoRa Modbus RTU communication is based on Semtech RF technology which...

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AUS-401 Gateway The AUS-401 master gateway is able to wirelessly collect the data from maximum 32 units of Aecl air quality transmitters and send the data via RS485 or RS232 interface to the system or PLC. The data format is in standard industrial protocol Modbus RTU. || Features of LoRa Modbus RTU communication || LoRa Communication distance: 2~5 KM. (The communication length is for outdoor open space and would be varied based on the length of the antenna and the application environment.) The data is fully encrypted with high security. The LoRa signal strength could be directly checked by...

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Figure 2: Instructure of LoRa control C. Wireless integration of the existing facilities To provide a more convenient way to integrate the existing devices to the IoT network, Aecl designs the AUS-405 RS485/ RS232 to LoRa converter as the media for integrating the existing devices such as flow meter, electric meter, water meter and etc. As shown in Fig. 3, the AUS-405 converter is able to collect the data from the existing facilities via RS485 or RS232 interface and send the data to the AUS-401 master gateway via wireless LoRa communication. Each AUS-405 could connect with 32 units of...

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LoRa HCHO Transmitter Wireless HCHO measurement LoRa TVOC Transmitter Wireless TVOC measurement LoRa Amonia(NH3) Transmitter LoRa smart power plug socket Wireless Lux measurement Wireless Amonia (NH3) measurement Device control

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