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Wall mount Light can have a huge impact on a worker’s health and their productivity. People deprived of light are found to be more tired, more prone to insomnia and less active. 500~750 lux is a recommended light level for a study room or a normal office. Lux meters are used for measuring brightness in lux. Using high accuracy sensing element ensures the stability and reliability of AEC-LX001 Lux meter. The RS485, Modbus RTU or LoRa (Peer to Peer) provides continuous data to monitor center or to data logger for analysis or for energy saving. It can be used for measuring the brightness in workplace, public area, such as train station, library, museum, or food warehouse, parking lot, school, training center, offices and etc. Measurement principle Measurement range Sensor lifespan Power consumption Power supply Signal output RS-485 (Modbus RTU)/ LoRa (Peer to Peer) switchable radio frequency band: 862 ~ 932 MHz(2) Storage temp. Housing material Fireproof ABS (Base), PC (Cover) The frequency channels will be differed by country and this frequency can be configured accordingly from 862 to 932Hz. The lifespan of sensor might vary depending on environmental conditions. For example, high ambient temperature will shorten its lifespan. * All information is subject to change with

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