Aecl AVC-510 PM10 Transmitter (PM10 sensor)


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PM10 Air Quality Transmitter AVC-510 series AVC-510 transmitter is applied for indoor air quality monitoring and provides monitoring data as reference for improving air quality. It can accurately measure particle matter (PM) and send detail data through RS485, Modbus RTU or LoRa to monitoring center or to HVAC system. The immediate action can be taken, for example, to trigger ventilation system or to activate air purifier to ensure better indoor air quality. Easy installation and perfectly for enclosed space, residential apartment, offices or factories. - High precision sensing element - RS485, Modbus RTU - LoRa (Peer to Peer) wireless transmission is available - High reliability and stability - Rapid response

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Measuring principle Laser scattering method Response time Counting efficiency Standard volume Measuring range Coverage area Signal output RS485 (Modbus RTU); LoRa (Peer to Peer), radio frequency band: 862 ~ 932 MHz(2) Calibration interval (Recommended) Sensor lifespan Pressure range Operating environment Storage temperature Warm-up time Power supply Power consumption Housing material IP30 (No protection from liquids) Note: (1) The coverage area should be considered individually to account for the particular layout and any varying or enclosed spaces. It is recommended to install at least one...

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