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Aecl AVC-311-LoRa Series - 1

CO2 Transmitter CO2, Temperature & Humidity Transmitter AVC-31X Series AVC-31X series is specially designed to detect carbon dioxide, temperature and humidity in indoor environment. The installation method can be divided into wall-mounted type and duct type. The duct type can be installed in the air duct of the air-conditioning system, and the installation height of the wall-mounted type is recommended to be between 1 and 2 meters above the ground. It can be applied to intelligent ventilation system control and environmental monitoring. It can be used with the ventilation system and air conditioning system of intelligent buildings to perform appropriate ventilation control according to the number of people in the room, control energy consumption and improve indoor air quality. The detection method adopts NDIR's infrared waveguide technology and air sampling sensing components, which improves the accuracy of its measurement. It is mostly used in shopping malls, offices, conference rooms, classrooms, restaurants, railway stations or various public places; other high-concentration models with a detection range of up to 9999ppm can be used in wine cellars, breweries, Chemical gas plants, etc. Side view of duct-mount type

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Aecl AVC-311-LoRa Series - 2

CO2, Temperature & Humidity Transmitter Coverage area Alarm output Relay output N.O,N.C ( 2A / 30V DC ; 0.5A / 125V AC) Pressure dependence Operating conditions Storage temperature Warm-up time ≤ 1 min. (at full specs ≤ 15 minutes) Power supply Sampling interval Power consumption Case material

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Aecl AVC-311-LoRa Series - 3

CO2, Temperature & Humidity Transmitter Gold-plated infrared (NDIR) waveguide technology with Automatic technology with Automatic Baseline Correction (ABC) and passive gas diffusion passive gas diffusion (no moving Sensing element Gold-plated infrared (NDIR) wave-guide Response time Temperature & humidity:CMOS sensor CO2: < 10 sec. @ 30 cc/min. flow rate < 3 min. diffusion time CO2: < 10 sec. @ 30 cc/min. flow rate < 3 min. diffusion time Temperature:min. 3 sec.;max. 30 sec. at τ63% Humidity:< 8 sec. at τ63% <±10ppm/yr. with Automatic Baseline Zero Drift <±10 ppm/yr. with Automatic Baseline...

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Aecl AVC-311-LoRa Series - 4

Note 1:For general indoor air quality monitoring application, the accuracy can be achieved after three-week continuous measurement, because of ABC function. However, in some industrial applications, maintenance or calibration may be required. Note 2:The accuracy is determined under temperature at 25℃ and barometric pressure at 101.3kPa, with comparison to the calibrated gas, of which the uncertainty (±1%) is considered. The AVC-31x series is for general indoor use. For any special application, such as industrial or agriculture, please contact us. (1) The frequency channels will be differed...

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