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Oxygen Transmitter AVC-010 series The oxygen level is a very important indication of indoor air quality. It exists generally, in gaseous state at room temperature. When people stays in some places with low oxygen level, such as office, commercial building or basement, it might cause hypoxemia. Chronic fatigue is a major sign that people isn’t getting enough oxygen. Without enough oxygen in the lungs, the organs cannot function properly. As a result, toxins accumulate in the blood stream. AVC-010 Oxygen transmitter can monitor oxygen level and send the data to monitoring center for analysis or for ventilation control. Air quality can be, therefore, efficiently monitored and managed. Easy installation and the recommended height of installation is 1~2M above the floor level. It is perfect for household application, offices, indoor parking, library, hospital, shopping mall and etc.

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Aecl AVC-010-LoRa Series - 2

Measurement principle Measurement range Coverage area Response time Power consumption Warm-up time Power supply DC 12 ~36V, AC 24V (50/60Hz) DC 4~20mA/2~10V; RS485 (Modbus RTU)/ LoRa (Peer to peer) radio frequency: 862~932 MHz(3) Signal output Linearity error Calibration interval (recommended) Sensor lifespan Pressure range Storage temp. IP30 (No protection from liquids) Case material The coverage area should be considered individually to account for the particular layout and any varying or enclosed spaces. It is recommended to install at least one device in each room. The sensor drift will...

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