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HVAC System Management Signal Converter Series Energy consumption calculation is an ideal solution for energy management or for billing of HVAC system. The complete set includes one flow sensor, two PT temperature sensors and one BTU meter & calculator. Wide range of product series, which provide perfect signal conversion solution to automation system. Shopping center, commercial building, hotels, service apartment, dormitory, hospital, clean room, smoking room Application Signal conversion and isolation, OEM, automation system BTU Meter & Calculator / Flow Transmitter BTU meter can be used in cooling or heating system; flow transmitter is used for monitor real-time or accumulated flow rate Output options:relay 'pulse'RS485(Modbus RTU) Use with PT500 temperature sensor for energy consumption calculation. LCD display with backlight function | CE approval Signal converter and limit switch | Fully isolation between signal and power | Two installation options:plug-in socket and rail mount | Limit switch is equipped with 2-digit rotary switch for each alarm setting Multi-Channel Signal Converter | Economic solution for industrial automation | Installation:DIN rail mount/wall-mount Multi-parameters Air Quality Display Several measuring function options, temperature'humidity 'CO2 CO'TVOC'HCHO'PMzs / PM10 for flexible applications. | Three standard models are available as below. | Three relay outputs can be used for peripheral devices control. Ultrasonic Flow Sensor / BTU Meter | Easy installation and low maintenance | Signal output:RS485, DC 0/4-20mA, and OCT(open collector), relay It can be used for energy consumption calculation when using with PT100 temperature sensor. | Pipe size:DN15-DN3000 Temperature Transmitter | Anti-interference, high reliability and accuracy | Output options:DC 4-20mA'RS485(Modbus RTU) (only for ATR-5 Series) RS485 to USB Converter Used for the connection between industrial equipment and computer, in order to facilitate data management and system monitoring | Serial port protection:ESD protection:8KV embedded PT Temperature Sensor Measuring temperature by correlating the resistance of the RTD element with temperature. | Installed in water inlet and outlet to get temperature difference. [ DC Signal Converter (Slim-type) Output signal can be adjusted with ZERO and SPAN Loop Power Isolator | No external power required I Perfect isolation between input and output Differential Pressure Transmitter | Using CMOSens technology sensor ensures better stability and repeatability. Perfectly to be used in negative pressure isolation room, smoking room, clean room and etc. Aeci Group Add Tel Fax E-mail 14F, No. 957 Chung Cheng Rd. Chung Ho Dist. New Taipei City TAIWAN +886 2 2223 5889 +886 2 2222 6830 contact@aecl.com.tw Website www.aecl.com.tw Our LoRa solution optimizes your smart life ■hi ISwi Hi m*- ■ Coming soon! Detecting functions:CO2, CO, HCHO, Oxygen, NH3, TVOC, PM2.5, PM10, Relative Humidity, Temperature | IP rate:IP30 I Output:RS485'LoRa (Peer to Peer) I Installation:wall-mount Application:station, library, commercial building, school, hospital Smart power plug socket Both RS232 and RS485 interfaces are available for flexible use For indoor use, meanwhile an outdoor antenna (optional) is also available. Equipped with power consumption monitoring function | LoRa (Peer to Peer) wireless transmission | High reliability and stability, fast response

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Industrial / Environmental safety related products In response to loT development, LoRa (Peer to Peer) low power wireless solution is included as signal output options to our air quality monitoring product series. This would be a cost-effective and low maintenance solution. Additionally, it provides more flexibility and makes the installation easier.More environment monitoring products are expected to be launched soon, in order to meet market requirements. HCHO TVOC For ideal environmental monitoring, safety is one factor that cannot be ignored. Our products can provide pre-alarm before...

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