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SP Series


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SP Series - 1

Din Rail Mounting Type Switching Mode Power Supply 0 Features • Compact size, high quality, cost-effective • Universal input power • Enables to drive various controllers • Built-in overcurrent protection circuit • DIN rail mounting and mountable without the rail A Please read “Caution for your safety” in operation manual before using. Output voltage Output power Environment resistance is rated at no freezing of condensation.

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SP Series - 2

H Output Derating Curve By Ambient Temperature © © • Be sure when installing as the efficiency is decreased by ambient temperature. • Refer to output feature beside when installing as the efficiency is affected by mounting status. S Feature Data Of Over Current Protection • It is able to protect over current by load with built in over current protection circuit. When the over rated current is flowed, the circuit is operated (output voltage is fallen) and it is released when the load current is under the rated current (it is returned to the rated output voltage). 0 Block Diagram (A)...

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SP Series - 3

F.G. (Field Ground) terminal Output indicator-DC output is ON, then LED ON 0 Rail Mounting Method © Mounting on DIN rail and removing • To mount the power supply on DIN rail First put the power supply on the part © of the rail and then press it for the direction ©. • To remove the power supply from DIN rail Firstly put a screw driver into the part © and push it downward. © Mounting on Panel • When there is no DIN rail, If there is no rail, it is able to mount by screwing a bolt at the hook on the body as following figure. ^When mounting the power supply on the rail, place the item Min. 30mm...

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SP Series - 4

^The power supply should not be used in serial and parallel connection in any case. Please use it individually always. © Caution for mounting • Please install it at ventilating place in order to dissipate the heat effectively then it is able to improve the reliability for a long time. • When installing two or more power supplies side by side, please keep the interval at least 10mm so that the heat is dissipated effectively. © Caution for using • Please wire input power (AC) to the input power terminal properly. If wiring it to other terminal the inner circuit will be broken. • It is working...

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