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PRA Series - 1

Cylindrical Spatter-Resistance type Spatter-resistance type proximity sensor Features ● Coated with teflon against thermal resistance (Prevention of malfunction due to spatter) ● Improved the noise resistance with dedicated IC ● Built-in surge protection circuit ● Built-in overcurrent protection circuit (DC 2-wire, 3-wire type) ● Built-in reverse polarity protection circuit (DC 3-wire type) ● Protection structure IP67(IEC standard) ● Replaceable for spatter-resistance type limit switches (B) Fiber optic sensor (C) Door/Area sensor (D) Proximity sensor (E) Pressure sensor (F) Rotary encoder Please read “Caution for your safety” in operation manual before using. The characteristic of spatter-resistance type The hot arc from arc welding machine is adhesive even with metals or plastics. Therefore, normal proximity sensor might have malfunction even though there are no sensing object if the arcs are put on the sensing surface. The arcs are not adhered on the sensing part of the spatter-resistance type proximity sensor as the part is coated with teflon against thermal resistance. Also, the protection cover sold optionally has the same function. ※When the □ model name is X, it is non-polarity model. PRAWT12-2 D O PRAWT12-2 D C PRAT18-5 D O PRAWT12-2 D O-I PRAT18-5 D C PRAWT12-2 D C-I 5mm Sensing distance Setting distance Power supply (Operating voltage) Leakage current Max. ±10% for sensing distance at ambient temperature 20℃ Control output Insulation resistance Dielectric strength 1500VAC 50/60Hz for 1 minute(between all terminals and case) 1mm amplitude at frequency of 10 to 55Hz(for 1 min.) in each of X, Y, Z directions for 2 hours 500m/s²(approx. 50G) in each of X, Y, Z directions for 3 times Standard sensing target Protection circuit Material Approval (I) SSR/ Power controller (J) Counter (N) Display unit (O) Sensor controller (P) Switching mode power supply (Q) Stepper motor& Driver&Controller (R) Graphic/ Logic panel (M) Tacho/ Speed/ Pulse meter Surge protection circuit, Overcurrent protection circuit Environ- Ambient temperature -25 to 70℃, storage: -30 to 80℃ ment Ambient humidity 35 to 95%RH, storage: 35 to 95%RH (A) Photo electric sensor (S) Field network device (For cable type, 300mm, M12 connector), (AWG22, Core diameter: 0.08mm, Number of cores: 60, Insulator diameter: ø1.25mm) Case/Nut: Teflon coated Brass, Washer: Teflon coated Iron, Sensing surface: Teflon, Standard cable(Black): Polyvinyl chloride(PVC) Approx. 84g Approx. 54g Approx. 122g Approx. 70g Approx. 207g Approx. 134g (approx. 72g) (approx. 42g) (approx. 110g) (approx. 58g) (approx. 170g) (approx. 122g) ※1: The response frequency is the average value. The standard sensing target is used and the width is set as 2 times of the standard sensing target, 1/2 of the sensing distance for the distance. ※2: Before using non-polarity type, check the condition of connected divice because residual voltage is 5V. ※3: The weight with packaging and the weight in parentheses is only unit weight. ※Environment resistance is rated at no freezing or condensation. ※Refer to the G-5 for IEC standard connector cables and specifications. ※The '□' of model name is for power type. 'D' is 12-24VDC, 'X' is non-polarity 12-24VDC. Weight※3

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PRA Series - 2

PRA12-2DN PRA18-5DN PRA30-10DN PRA12-2DP PRA18-5DP PRA30-10DP PRA12-2DN2 PRA18-5DN2 PRA30-10DN2 PRA12-2DP2 PRA18-5DP2 PRA30-10DP2 Sensing distance 2mm 5mm 10mm Hysteresis Max. 10% of sensing distance Standard sensing target 12×12×1mm(Iron) 18×18×1mm(Iron) 30×30×1mm(Iron) Setting distance 0 to 1.4mm 0 to 3.5mm 0 to 7mm Power supply 12-24VDC (Operating voltage) (10-30VDC) Current consumption Max. 10mA Response frequency※1 1.5kHz 500Hz 400Hz Residual voltage Max. 1.5V Affection by Temp. Max. ±10% for sensing distance at ambient temperature 20℃ Control output Max. 200mA Insulation resistance...

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PRA Series - 3

Cylindrical Spatter-Resistance type Dimensions ● PRA12-2D ● PRA12-2A 300 (cable connector type) 300 (cable connector type) Main circuit Sensing target Presence None Operation Return (M) Tacho/ Speed/ Pulse meter (N) Display unit Main circuit Control output diagram Operation indicator Operation indicator 300 (cable connector type) (D) Proximity sensor (E) Pressure sensor Operation indicator (B) Fiber optic sensor Sensing Presence target None Load Operation Return (R) Graphic/ Logic panel (S) Field network device Sensing Presence target None Operation Load (brown-black) Return Output H...

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PRA Series - 4

DC 2-wire standard type / AC 2-wire type Brown Normally Open(N.O.) / Normally Closed(N.C.) Load Brown Blue DC 2-wire type(IEC standard type) Brown Blue ※When using DC 2-wire and AC 2-wire type, a load must be connected before applying power; otherwise, components can be damaged. ※Load can be wired to any direction. ※No need to consider polarity for non-polarity type of power supply. Normally Closed(N.C.) Brown ※②,③ of N.O. type and ③,④ of N.C. type are not used terminals. ※The pin arrangement of connector applying IEC standard is being developed. ※Please attach "I" at the end of the name of...

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