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MST series - 1

MST Series Retroreflective Tape MST (Retroreflective Tape) 0 Features • Easy attached at curved surface or narrow space • Available to cut the tape according to the environment • High retroreflective performance per unit XThe reflective tape has higher reflectivity due to bigger size than the reflector. ^Reflectivity may vary depending on usage environment, installation conditions, and reflective tape size. ^Generally, the sensing distance and minimum sensing target size increase as tape size increases. XFor using reflective tape, installation distance should be min. 20mm.

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MST series - 2

Photoelectric sensor BEN Series Retroreflective tape MST Series Proper Usage Please clean the adhesive side of the reflective tape with a dry cloth before applying the tape. Do not press prism layer of the tape. Please clean the tape regularly to maintain optimal performance. When cleaning, please use neutral detergents only. DO NOT use chemical solvents. If the reflective surface is damaged, performance may decline.

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