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Human Centric Lighting Lighting that focuses on your needs Light affects the way we feel and work. Light also has a great impact on our emotions and the right lighting conditions help us perform better. Aura Light is now introducing tunable white on several of our luminaires in which you can adjust the colour temperature. Tunable white can increase productivity in the workplace, increase patient well-being in medical facilities and optimize the lighting conditions in industries and logistics centres. Research has shown that greater exposure to natural midday lighting can make people more...

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What’s so great about tunable white Increased well-being Increased efficiency at the workplace Optimised task lighting Heightened alertness Improved learning Natural day rhythm Faster healing Unique personalized lighting Create your perfect day Shift from warm to cool, relaxed to alert Tunable white is a technology where the luminaire is rhythm. In the morning and evening a warmer light could equipped with different types of LEDs, which makes it be preferred which helps us relax. During the work day, possible to adjust the white light temperature along the we could benefit from a slightly...

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© Anna Roström/Johnér © Susanne Walström/Johnér © Susanne Kronholm/Johnér This is only the beginning Personalized lighting by Aura Light Aura Light is happy to introduce a number of high quality LED luminaires with tunable white, both for office and white. The product range will be expanded with more LED-panel Aura Lunaria or our designed office luminaire © Nicho Södling/Johnér These models are marked with the symbol for tunable industrial lighting installations. Try our award-winning Good light helps you stay healthy and increases your productivity. the current models that we offer in...

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Aura Light provides lighting that is smart, sustainable, economical, long lasting, high quality and environmental. We call it Brighter Lighting. Our sustainable lighting solutions enable professional customers to reduce costs, energy consumption and environmental impact. Aura Light International AB, Box 508, 371 23 Karlskrona, Sweden Phone +46 (0)455 785 00, info@auralight.com, www.auralight.com

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