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Sustainable Industry Solutions 2014 - 1

Sustainable Industry Solutions A brighter future for your business /• AURA LIGHT

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Sustainable Industry Solutions 2014 - 2

Brighter Lightirv Better lighting - work productively and safely. Proper lighting has an overwhelmingly positive effect on workplace productivity and safety Good lighting design - the right light levels, quality of light and reliability - is essential to an effective workplace. That's why it is important to optimize ighting solutions to match the task being performed in the particular area of your facility Flexibility is also key so that the lighting installation can easily be adapted to changing To help your company reach its sustainability goals, we focus on product development. We know...

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Sustainable Industry Solutions 2014 - 3

Industrial efficiency: Going greener Improved productivity: Seeing is believing Green building and energy efficiency labels are driving facility Better lighting can raise workplace productivity. It not only designed for the exact task at hand – from cold, refrigerated managers to modernize workplace lighting as a key strategy Don’t overlight, light right. Combine extremely energy-efficient enhances employee concentration, production accuracy, job environments to busy production lines. Find out how brighter to achieve sustainability goals. With today’s energy-efficient Aura Light industrial...

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Sustainable Industry Solutions 2014 - 4

Sustainability: Doing our part and yours Why choose Aura Light? »At Aura Light, we are passionate about lighting and sustainable lighting solutions.« Industrial lighting expertise Depending on your existing equipment, our energy-saving We know all about industrial lighting and the challenges you lighting solutions can lower your energy consumption by up face. That’s because industrial lighting is the mainstay of our to 80%, which also reduces your carbon footprint. business – and has been for decades. Upgrading to sustainable energy-efficient lighting is easy, just give us a call,...

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Sustainable Industry Solutions 2014 - 5

Industrial luminaires for all needs Aura Unity Aura Unity is a modern industrial luminaire with a highly • Energy efficient efficient reflector made from MIRO 5. This creates very energy- The luminaire’s main function is to provide good lighting. The light source creates light but it is the luminaire that spreads and efficient lighting in industries, warehouses, factories, and directs it. The luminaire therefore greatly affects the lighting quality. At Aura Light you will find luminaires for all needs. Best of all, supermarkets. It can be fitted either with Aura Light’s LED light...

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Sustainable Industry Solutions 2014 - 6

Aura Multimo Aura Multimo is a moisture- and dust-proof IP65 luminaire. It offers exceptional energy efficiency, reliability and safety. Highgloss mirror reflectors made from Miro4 aluminium provide a high reflection ratio and optimal light distribution. It is an ideal lighting solution for all high-maintenance areas. Aura Multimo can be fitted either with Aura UltiLED Long Life or Aura T5 Eco Saver Long Life. Depending on the mounting height, Aura Multimo can be obtained with three different Aura Areza • High – and Low Aura Areza is a universal IP66 moisture-proof luminaire which can be...

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Sustainable Industry Solutions 2014 - 7

Aura Assillea Aura Assillea is a high-performing high bay luminaire with • High efficiency an efficient, square-shaped MIRO reflector. Aura Assillea is engineerd to be lightweight and compact. By adding an Aura • High uniformity Cut your energy bills fast. Simply re-energize your old T8 luminaires IQ sensor you can achieve even higher energy savings. with Aura EasyT8 Long Life, a highly efficient LED T8 retrofit light • Further energy savings source. Aura EasyT8 lets you safely upgrade older installations to LED Aura Assillea is supplied complete with DALI dimmable electronic control gear...

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Sustainable Industry Solutions 2014 - 8

Aura IQ sensors With intelligent sensors, our IQ range takes lighting control to the next level. Our systems and solutions simplify the installation process and open the door to new possibilities for tailoring lighting control to the needs of both users and premises. You avoid the hassle of both complicated cable routing and large lighting groups that stay on unnecessarily. All of the Aura IQ Sensors come with a professional remote control, automatic burn-in of new fluorescent lamps and factory pre-setting for plug and play installation. Universal large range PIR - Presence Sensor, 40 m •...

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Sustainable Industry Solutions 2014 - 9

Corridor HF – Presence Sensor, 30 m MWS3A-DD (AD version: 1-10V) Ceiling recessed presence detector with rotatable antenna enables various detection options. Detection range of up to 30 m. This is the perfect solution for corridors, high bay and logistic areas. • Low profile – 3 mm recessed • Detection range up to 30 m/2,8 m height • 2 channels output: 1. Powerful relay with max.10 A floating contact output 2. Dimming output (DALI / 1-10V) for max 20 ballasts • Modular quick connector for pre-installation of lectrical e connection • all mounted/ surface mounted W options available Universal...

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Sustainable Industry Solutions 2014 - 10

Coca-Cola: Producing energy savings The world’s largest beverage company upgraded lighting Whirlpool: 37% energy savings • Long service lifetime require Global household appliance supplier Whirlpool EMEA set out to optimize lighting efficiency and reduce the carbon footprint • Reduced CO2 emissions of 103 tonnes per at one of Europe’s most modern beverage production and purchase of fewer lamps packaging plants in Sweden. To enhance energy efficiency • Measurable energy savings at its Cassinetta, Italy, manufacturing facility while improving and reduce replacement costs, Coca-Cola chose Aura...

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Sustainable Industry Solutions 2014 - 11

Ensinger: Measurable energy savings of 65% SCA: Exceptional energy efficiency Ensinger, a German producer of natural mineral- and healing-water Leading global hygiene and forest products company SCA believes that sustainability is primarily about securing a better future. • Return on investment in less than two (Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget) has ambitious plans with To help meet the company’s sustainability goals, the company decided to replace the mercury and metal halide lamps in its production • Excellent light output and manufactures personal care products, tissues, publication •...

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