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Aura NoctiLED Long Life A versatile LED module to meet your every outdoor lighting need /• AURA LIGHT

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A single module that can do it all Not just one, but a variety of solutions in a single module. Aura NoctiLED Long Life can be mounted on a pole or wall, in conditions ranging from the sub-Arctic to the tropical. It can also be incorporated into new luminaire designs without time-consuming re-engineering. Last but not least, Aura NoctiLED Long Life can be retrofitted into existing outdoor luminaires in order to replace obsolete, energy hungry technology. Advanced NoctiLED technology is extremely energy efficient, • Can be mounted stand-alone or installed in a luminaire housing (IP67) •...

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Modularity for sustainability Aura NoctiLED Long Life modules can be simply and rapidly Shock and vibration resistant, the modules are also the natural replaced when you would like to update or replace the choice for high- and heavy-traffic settings—especially bridges LED modules in your installation. Modular thinking has and overpasses. Like all high-quality LEDs, Aura NoctiLED Long advantageous consequences. From an update point of view, Life can be switched on and off frequently without reducing the driver and the LED module will never fall out of sync with their life span or affecting...

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Built-in intelligence As the lighting industry continues to make the transition to during hours of low traffic. It is worth noting that switching on off LED lighting, there is an increasing need for more intelligent and dimming does not adversely affect the life-span of the LED solutions. With Aura NoctiLED Long Life all of the module as is the case with other light sources such as CFLs. intelligence needed for maximum energy savings is built-in. Pre-programmed, on-board processor-controlled dimming Midnight dimming provides no-fuss, economical control of how much light is Aura NoctiLED...

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Putting the light in the right place Light that doesn’t shine where and when it is most needed Aura NoctiLED Long Life modules deliver a very uniform is wasted light. Not only can the Aura NoctiLED Long Life light distribution with a sharp cut-off. The optimized custom module be pre-set to virtually any light level, it is also delivered LEDIL optic means that less light needs to be produced to with a light distribution tailored either to street and roadway properly illuminate the targeted area. There are no hot spots needs, or for lighting parking spaces, public squares and open under an...

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Your street lighting just got smarter. Contact us today and start saving tomorrow! +46 (0)8 564 881 40.

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Designed for Long Life Every part of the Aura NoctiLED Long Life has been developed Added protection for your investment and manufactured for a long lifetime. The housing and heat Voltage surges can have a huge destructive impact upon public sink body has excellent thermal conductivity and consists of lighting systems. These surges can destroy the power die cast aluminum treated with a military grade clear anodize circuits and LED components, and increase maintenance costs. for outstanding durability. The housing is sealed for outdoor It is therefore crucial that these installations are...

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Aura Light develops and supplies sustainable lighting solutions to professional customers, enabling them to reduce cost, energy consumption and environmental impact. Aura Light is acknowledged for long lifetime, high quality and energy reduction, where our lighting solutions can reduce the energy consumption by up to 80 percent. Aura Light offers everything you need for your lighting installation within all technologies – from fluorescent lamps to LED. We are your total lighting solutions partner. Aura Light International AB Box 508 371 23 Karlskrona Sweden E-mail

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