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Exzite Red with white decorative screws. Exzite – Functionality meets personal design Functionality and form are combined in a smart and unique way in the Exzite luminaire. It is designed for today's modern office environments. This luminaire will form a natural part of your interior design concept. Because it is largely recyclable, it is also environmentally friendly.

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Exzite White with patterned decorative foil and white decorative screws. Personalise your luminaire With removable sides, end plates, a variety of louvre options and decorative screws, Exzite is a solution that makes it possible to design the luminaire as you like. It can easily assume different forms to fit in with or offer a contrast to the interior design scheme.

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The colour of the end plates is the same as the colour of the sides. You can also choose white end plates for all colours. The decorative screws are available in white, black, brass and stainless steel. The mains cable is white as standard. A black fabric-covered cable can be selected on request. Clear linear prismatic panel as dust cover for the uplight. In addition to Exzite's standard colours, the sides are available in different materials or perforated, as in this example. You can choose either an anti-glare reflector grid solution or a micro prism diffuser. The Exzite can also be...

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Suspended luminaire with dimmable light The luminaire's wire suspension can be moved along the luminaire for easier installation. It has both direct and indirect light that can be dimmed via a pull switch. Exzite can also be equipped with a sensor that adapts both light level and energy consumption to the prevailing conditions, resulting in further energy savings and perfect lighting conditions. Exzite Pastel blue with white end panel and white decorative screws as optional extras.

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Stainless steel Warm grey NCS S 1002-R (matt) Micro prism Pastel green NCS S 1005-B80G (matt) Reflector screen Pastel blue NCS S 1010-B (matt) Micro prism Blue grey NCS S 7005-R80B (matt) Micro prism Yellow NCS S 0580-Y (glossy) Reflector screen Red NCS S 1085-Y90R (glossy) Micro prism Black NCS 9001-R96B (glossy) Micro prism White NCS 0502-G73Y (glossy) Micro prism

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Patent Pending Z-core – the light engine that creates new opportunities From above: Exzite Stainless steel and stainless steel decorative screws. Exzite White with patterned decorative foil and white decorative screws. Exzite Brass with perforated white steel and brass decorative screws. Exzite Warm grey with decorative foil and white decorative screws. Our development of the Z-core light engine enables new and flexible design concepts. It means we are able to design products that are elegant, smart and personal, adding a significant feature to your design concept. Z-core is the core of...

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The Exzite design is the work of Joachim Engstrand. He explains that it is important to allow your thoughts free rein at the beginning of a process. “The important thing is to escape from everything that has been done before. The very last thing I would do is to look at other luminaires when I am designing a new one. That way you get locked into old design ways.” Inspiration can come any time and from the most unexpected quarters. “When I am designing and looking for creative design solutions, I have to go into a bubble where everything is possible. I have to be in a world where you can do...

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Exzite Black with black decorative screws. Aura Light: Aura Light develops and supplies sustainable lighting solutions to professional customers, enablin; them to reduce cost, energy consumption and environmental impact. Exzite is a luminaire that is flexible, smart and customisable to fit your interior design concept. Would you like to know more? Please contact your Aura Light-representative or get in touch with our customer service on Aura Light International AB,

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