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17 Louder & Brighter since 1910.

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Since 1910, our driving force has been our desire to use exceptional engineering ingenuity to develop superior technical equipment that is a step ahead of the rest. This desire is now stronger than ever. Although we are a medium-sized company, we have huge ambitions. As an owner-run family company, trust and compassion are at the heart of all we do. Here at Auer Signal, we are passionate about upholding the image we have created for ourselves, working to the motto 'louder & brighter since 1910'. A new corporate design for Auer Signal We thought it was about time to give our corporate design...

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Signal Horns NMS LED Multi Colour Beacon NMS-HP LED Multi Colour Beacon PMH LED Multi Colour Beacon MRS Rotating Mirror Beacon MRM Rotating Mirror Beacon MRL Rotating Mirror Beacon QBS LED Multi Strobe Beacon QBM LED Multi Strobe Beacon QBL LED Multi Strobe Beacon QBX LED Multi Strobe Beacon NFS LED Strobe/Double Strobe Beacon NFS-HP LED Multi Strobe Beacon PFH LED Multi Strobe Beacon PFL LED Multi Strobe Beacon TDF LED Multi Strobe Beacon UDF LED Multi Strobe Beacon QFS Xenon Strobe Beacon QFM Xenon Strobe Beacon MFS Xenon Strobe Beacon MFM Xenon Strobe Beacon MFL Xenon Strobe Beacon PXH...

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QSS LED Steady/Flashing Beacons with Buzzer Indicator ISS M22 panel mount LED Strobe Beacon ICM M22 panel mount LED Multi Strobe Beacon ICL M22 panel mount LED Multi Strobe Beacon TDFP 37mm panel mount LED Multi Strobe Beacon UDFP 37mm panel mount LED Multi Strobe Beacon ISM M22 panel mount Xenon Strobe Beacon ISL M22 panel mount Xenon Strobe Beacon IBS M22 panel mount LED Steady/Flashing Beacon IBM M22 panel mount LED Steady/Flashing Beacon IBL M22 panel mount LED Steady/Flashing Beacon 246 QSM LED Steady/Flashing Beacons with Buzzer Indicator 248 QSL LED Steady/Flashing Beacons with...

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Seven compelling reasons to choose Auer Signal All of the development work for our products is taken care of in-house – from the initial planning to the design stage. We are most proud of our electronic development, with state-of-the-art industrial machines in use for production and innovative IT solutions ensuring that our production processes are continually optimised. Thorough and detailed testing enables us to achieve optimum quality. We are particularly proud of our performance in electronic development. Our extensive product portfolio covers all of the requirements across our...

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We live and breathe quality and safety standards. Plus, as Auer Signal is an international company, our signalling equipment is globally approved and can be used all around the world. UL, EAC, CE, ATEX and ISO certifications make up the most important marks and safety standards for Auer signalling equipment. Auer Signal is an owner-run family company in its fourth generation. We are a well-established company that has been a reliable partner for more than 100 years now. For all of our customers and partners, our unwavering trustworthiness is a convincing selling point that they have come to...

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An overview of the Auer Signal series From high-end equipment to affordable products with great performance

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Cubic design in 4 sizes Series A+Q the Mighty & the Bright ®HIGH The most extensive range of products for cubic-design multi-tone alarm sounders and cubic-design beacons in LED and xenon technology. Perfect for industrial applications, in process technology and for use in the navy.

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FEATURES • Largest comprehensive series, cubic design in four sizes • Sounders with sound pressure of 90 to 127 dB, infinitely adjustable • Steady, flashing, strobe and multi-strobe beacons in LED or xenon technology • High luminous intensity up to 400 candela thanks to high-power LED • Frontal and lateral signalling effect thanks to unique lens design • Available in six different lens colours • Highly impact-resistant polycarbonate lens, UV-stabilised • Up to 63 tones can be selected, three tones can be switched externally • Internationally standardised signal tones • Cost-effective...

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Size 1 QDS LED Steady/flashing beacon QBS LED Multi-strobe beacon QFS Xenon strobe beacon Size 2 QDM LED Steady/flashing beacon QBM LED Multi-strobe beacon QFM Xenon strobe beacon Size 3 QDL LED Steady/flashing beacon QBL LED Multi-strobe beacon Size 4 QDX LED Steady/flashing beacon QBX LED Multi-strobe beacon Size 1 QSS LED Steady/flashing beacon QCS LED Multi-strobe beacon QTS Xenon strobe beacon Size 2 QSM LED Steady/flashing beacon QCM LED Multi-strobe beacon QTM Xenon strobe beacon Size 3 QSL LED Steady/flashing beacon QCL LED Multi-strobe beacon Size 4 QSX LED Steady/flashing...

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B e a c o n Q Size 1 QDS LED Steady/flashing beacon C o m b i n at i o n A+ Q Size 1 ASS-P + QDS LED Steady/flashing beacon ASS-P + QBS LED Multi-strobe beacon QFS Xenon strobe beacon ASS-P + QFS Xenon strobe beacon ASS-T + QDS LED Steady/flashing beacon ASS-T + QBS LED Multi-strobe beacon ASS-T + QFS Xenon strobe beacon Size 2 Size 2 QDM LED Steady/flashing beacon Size 2 ASM + QDM LED Steady/flashing beacon ASM + QBM LED Multi-strobe beacon QFM Xenon strobe beacon ASM + QFM Xenon strobe beacon Size 3 QDL LED Steady/flashing beacon Size 3 ASL + QDL LED Steady/flashing beacon QDL LED...

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Series Gthe Price/Performance Winner FEATURES • Surface-mounted beacon series with 0 120 mm and low lens • Attractive price-performance ratio • Very good signalling effect from 48 LEDs • Choice of xenon strobe beacon and steady beacon or flashing beacon with 25 W • Available in six different lens colours • Suitable for PLC applications (leakage/inrush current) • High degree of protection IP65 for outdoor applications LED flashing beacon    BLG Xenon strobe beacon    FLG Steady beacon (Incandescent bulb] WLG Flashing beacon (Incandescent bulb] BKG

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