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Powerful sealers designed for heavy duty These industrial stainless steel table top impulse sealers are suitable for sealing flexible synthetic packages to thick laminate pouches. Seal- and cooling time are independently adjustable to suit the type of material. The power sealers are equipped with upper and lower sealing bars both of which are heated which makes the machine extra powerful. The user friendly digital panel allows the upper sealing bar to be switched off when using relatively thin laminates to ensure accurate and consistent sealing. With this impressive seal quality this...

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Technical details BS PSR (Bag suport) OT PSR (work table) SP PSR (support stand) Options With their extensive features, additional options and accessories the power sealers are suitable for a large range of applications. • Machine can be equipped with support stand • The machine can be used in horizontal and diagonal position by using the support stand (SP PSR) • 2 Different tables can be attached to support the product during the packaging process • Stretch fingers are available for the 1020 models to seal large bags • The calibration report and data software is available for MED...

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