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Technical specifications Transformer Impulse sealers Super Poly Due to it's portable character, this machine is particularly suitable for sealing all kinds of strange and difficult shaped products. The bi-active seal bars (both upper and lower seal bar are equipped with a resistance wire) allows the sealing of thick polyethylene up to 2 x 0,3 mm. Furthermore it will be possible to seal most of the laminate films, a simple test will tell you if the machine will be adequate for your film or not. The machine needs to be connected to a transformer, where the seal time can be set according to the film you are using. Once the jaws are closed the button is pressed and the seal will start, indicated by a control light. After the sealing time has passed (max. 1-3 sec.) the sealing will stop automatically and you can open the tongs. Pronto The pronto is a wall mounted sealer which can also be fixed on a work bench. It is a small sealer which can be used where space is limited. The sealer has been designed to seal plastic bags. With a timer, the right sealing time can be set, according to the film you are using. The machine is easy to operate. Once a bag is filled, it is placed between the sealing bars. With a simple push on the sealing bar, the bar will close and the sealing cycle will start. During sealing time, a control light indicates the cycle. An optional support is available. Support STD PR STD PR Code seal - Unchangeable text in seal like your company name, special code etc.

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