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PRODUCT FAMILY RUPLAN - Electric CAE for Power Supply Companies, Automotive Industry,

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Your Partner for Integrated Solutions For operating the electric facilities of power supplies, car manufacturing plants or an airport, or for projecting new facilities, you need a professional tool for computer-aided projecting and documentation of the circuit diagrams and schematic drawings. For this tool to map sector- and companyspecific processes and the complex interplay between supplier and operator, it must possess a high degree of functionality and flexibility. You are however on the lookout for a standard software solution that will meet the technical and organizational...

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RUPLAN a high degree of standardization and thus a more efficient mode of operation in the technical office. The international standards that have been valid for a number of years are actively supported by RUPLAN even today. RUPLAN provides databases, libraries and forms that are easy to handle via a graphic user interface and create a uniform data stock for all diagrams. With RUPLAN you create error-free documentation, which relieves the designer of time-consuming routine work. Integration capability here means: Projects are holistically structured, and work sequences are optimized over...

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Project Solutions RUPLAN's comprehensive functionality, flexibility and integration capability enable the efficient creation, documentation and editing of circuit diagrams and schematic drawings. The capacity of the system is moreover illustrated by the suitability of RUPLAN as integrated standard tool for a broad range of applications: Customer installations range from the automotive industry to energy supply companies. Independent of your industrial sector, RUPLAN offers you essential advantages: and hardware independence with comprehensive functionality ● Programming interface (API)...

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RUPLAN maintenance and servicing of the plant in a consistent, easily comprehensible system. For this project, the basic data stocks (symbols and devices) were designed, standard diagrams were created according to functional groups, and a projecting guideline was developed. Automatic check routines were developed that check the generated documentation for guideline conformity. All subcontractors were provided with a complete package consisting of RUPLAN, the Rastatt data stock and evaluations, the projecting guideline plus instructions concerning the method of operation intended for...

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Branch-Specific Solutions/Modules The RUPLAN module automatically creates various derived documents such as terminal and connector diagrams according to EVU standards. The RUPLAN/EVU module is developed according to the specifications of an open workgroup made up of power companies, plant manufacturers and engineering companies. It is used by almost all major power companies and municipal utilities and is stipulated as quasi standard. RUPLAN Standard RUPLAN Water Management Module The building block for the electrical engineer. You use it for the totally system-supported creation of circuit...

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RUPLAN RUPLAN/LOC a large extent be configured for different AutoCAD versions or methods of operation. RUPLAN/LOC has been designed for the rail vehicle industry. The branch solution makes special allowances for the special wiring and cabling systematics. Standard Interfaces PLC Module, Coupling to Hardware Projecting Systems During plant projecting, data is created both in the RUPLAN and the PLC systems. The add-on module couples common programmable logic controllers (PLC) to the CAE system RUPLAN. This means that data can be transferred, checked and updated. Circuit diagrams can be...

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