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\ * AUCOTEC Create Synergy - Connect Processes RUPLAN EVU-Module 2020 Update Information 2/7/2020 AUCOTEC, INC. 17177 North Laurel Park Drive, Suite 437 Livonia, MI 48152 Phone: +1 630 485 5600 Fax: +1 248 655 7800

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Copyright: All rights, especially the right of reproduction and distribution as well as translation, are reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, stored in retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, microfilming, recording, or otherwise, without prior permission from AUCOTEC AG. Exclusion of liability: Texts and software have been prepared with the greatest of care. The publishers as well as the authors cannot assume any legal or other liability of any nature for potential faulty statements and their consequences, which shall...

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Important Note Important Note With EVU-module 2020 the workflow for wiring material was changed: The reference via position numbers in circuit diagrams to a wiring material table was abandoned: see chapter 6, "New workflow with wiring material". Plans stemming from previous versions have to be adapted to the new workflow before further processing: see chapter 6.6, "Conversion of a project". Plans that were adapted or created anew in EVU-module 2020 cannot anymore be processed in previous versions! Plans in EVU-module 2020 are not downward compatible!

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The most important news in EVU module 2020 are: Abandonment of the references to the wiring material table With this version 2020, the workflow for wiring material is changed fundamentally: In the circuit diagrams and the definition symbols, position numbers for wiring material are no longer used, instead the material data itself is entered in these plans and symbols. Evaluations to convert a project to this new workflow are available. See chapter no.6, New workflow with wiring material New fitting symbols for reducing jumpers and separating plates For constellations where a jumper crossing...

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RUPLAN environment 3 RUPLAN environment 3.1 Installation file DEFAULTS FOR NETWORK TEXTS With EVU-module 2020 the reference to the wiring material table via position numbers is abandoned; see the detailed description in chapter 6. With the new workflow, the connection lines in the graphic editing do not any longer carry position numbers. Consequently, the 3 text nodes provided at connection lines for the entry of a position number were removed from the default definition in the installation file. The text nodes 'N&POS', 'POS' and 'VPOS' no longer appear in these default definitions: In the...

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RUPLAN environment Standard text files Files for standard text form libraries • • In the standard text files ENGnrm_EVU_FORM.txt the code _DOK099 was supplemented. In the texts to _KAB047, _KAB048, _QSW009, _QSW010 and _QSW011 the quotation marks were replaced by ">" / "<" (necessary for a correct migration to Engineering Base; see also chapter 10.1.2). For the pre-set in wire symbols of 'LPOS' with "Wire" resp. "Draht" (see chapter 10.1.2) the code _VDR163 was supplemented. RUPLAN Data Sample Project EVU2020E General change The sample project was converted to the new workflow with wiring...

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Catalog and Catalog User Menu 4.1 NEW: Shrink project libraries Since RUPLAN 4.82 the feature "Shrink" is available in the menu "Library": Via this feature, RUPLAN libraries with little content can be reduced to the size needed for the content. Each library to be shrunk must be marked. With "Shrink project libraries" in the menu "Project" this feature now can be started on a project: By this, the libraries belonging to the project will be shrunk without the need to mark these libraries themselves. Change The update of the EVU-module-libraries was upgraded to the version 2020. Change When...

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Object editing 5 Object editing 5.1 Evaluations in the object library TEC: copy TEC into 1st db New feature: To the list of TEC-objects to be copied the catalog object for wiring material was added: TEC / W00000W0. Via project options (see chapter this new catalog object can be excluded from the copy list.

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New workflow with wiring material 6 New workflow with wiring material 6.1 Previous workflow In RUPLAN EVU, wiring material is defined by 3 values: material, cross section and color. In previous EVU-module-versions a wiring material table was used to assign position numbers to the different wiring material, e.g.:

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New workflow with wiring material Different handling of standard wiring material in previous and new versions The fifth hierarchy level results in a different effect for connections in circuit diagrams, whose material is not laid down, neither at the connection itself nor at the title block of the sheet. In previous versions, these unlabeled connections got their material information only in the related wiring document, via header entries, especially in the terminal diagram header. Thereby, inconsistent wiring documents could be created: If there existed a connection between a terminal of...

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New workflow with wiring material If a material shall be entered that is not contained in the selection list, one can mark Manual entry in the header; then, after confirming the mask, the following window is displayed: For each of the 3 material attributes, a separate entry field is offered. In each field, a pull-down menu can be opened. If nothing suitable is found in the pull-down menu, the desired entry can be entered manually. If no wiring material catalog is found in the project, the manual entry mask shown above is opened directly.

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New workflow with wiring material Optional addresses: catalog and table Wiring material catalog For quick and uniform selection, wiring material can be entered into a wiring material catalog. The catalog is kept as a TEC object: TEC This table consists of the technical data symbols TJ710 (header) and TJ711 (simple line): The use of a wiring material catalog is optional!

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