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Create Synergy - Connect Processes Collaborative, flexible, highly efficient: the platform Engineering Base Engineering Base

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Challenges Globalised engineering structures with networked operations from widely dispersed locations represent the biggest challenge facing industry today. They rank even higher than the growing pressures of time and money, or the hunt for qualified technical staff. Until now, no engineering system has satisfied these new demands, since file-based and document-based tools have long been incapable of meeting the challenge. The capability to internationalise production-related engineering tasks or facilitate localised developments of a given model is no longer adequate. Nowadays, the...

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Engineering Base - 3

Absolutely accessible, fundamentally flexible From the initial idea for a platform covering a broad range of industries, AUCOTEC’s developers were conscious of the absolute necessity for accessibility and flexibility: for integration and connectivity in all forms, for every company ITenvironment, for parallel and cooperative working processes, for the global engineering culture and for every imaginable scaling. In short, for the agile processes of the future! Ultra-modern system architecture EB‘s multi-layered architecture allows for the simultaneous handling of the same project by multiple...

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Engineering Base - 4

Microsoft components The Microsoft SQL Server ranks as one of the world’s most reliable database systems. Common management of all engineering data, secure transactions, perfect Windows integration and simple administration. The Application Server manages business logic with its items and their mutual logical relationships. The Engineering Base Explorer presents data with a familiar look and feel in the structure trees, worksheets and dialogues. The entire development environment for Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) is already integrated for simple workflow automation. They can be...

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Engineering Base - 5

Three views and more: flexible, universal, simple Engineering Base offers three convenient ways to edit: using Explorer, diagrams and worksheets. It focuses on remaining flexible and universally applicable, yet simultaneously easy to learn. Thanks to the familiar Office environment, it couldn’t be simpler to use. For special tasks, sector-specific wizards provide further optimised views. Diagrams or tables: it‘s your choice Every object is centrally managed in EB. However, it can be edited in all views in the schematic display, as well as in tables or Explorer. Each user is hence free to...

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Engineering Base - 6

Create Synergy - Connect Processes Worldwide Support Because there are no limits to the application of our products, Our global network is at your service around the clock, and in all AUCOTEC is represented all over the world. Many of our languages - right from the word go. customers are firms operating on a global scale. Seize the opportunity and seize the lead - worldwide!

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