Engineering Base for the Oil, Gas and Chemical Industry


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Engineering Base for the Oil, Gas and Chemical Industry - 1

AUCOTEC solution for the oil, gas and chemistry industry Getting the chemistry right For AUCOTEC, the industry focus Oil & Gas, Chemistry implies offering highly-efficient solutions that fulfil the task of this sector with its high process engineering content. Process engineering, simulation, engineering (basic and detail), operation and servicing of plants fall under that task. Transparent data management covering every phase of engineering in partnership with content that is sector-oriented and meets standards, and that can be deployed internationally, is the task that every company that is successfully active in the market must be capable of meeting. Subsections/topics – Process engineering – Instrumentation – Control engineering design – Electrical engineering – Maintenance – Revamping

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Engineering Base for the Oil, Gas and Chemical Industry - 2

The special challenges Strong emphasis in the field of process specification (process engineering) In plant design, efficient cooperation and control (change management) is necessary among the collaborating disciplines Internationally distributed plant engineering Highly parallel procedure for distributed engineering resources and contractors In existing plants, up-to-date data and documents are required for day-to-day servicing and simultaneous planning of revamping measures The projects must support the standards and regulations that are in force in the target countries The solution for...

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