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E-CAE solution for the design and documentation of machines and plants

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AUCOTEC's ELCAD offers a proven, stable and versatile solution for creating electrotechnical documentation, with maximum flexibility: highly automated and fully customizable to standards, industries and your company's documentation tasks. Proven electrical engineering at the highest level For over 30 years, ELCAD has been used worldwide for the most diverse documentation tasks tailored to our customers in the area of electrical engineering.

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Efficient documentation This includes provision of such standard documentation relating to orders and projects as: cover page, circuit diagram, terminal block diagram, layout diagram, material lists and BOMs in the most diverse forms in the CAD system or Excel, wiring and connection lists as well as cable overview and cable assignment overviews

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Today, a wide range of standard and special functions are available to the user, and ELCAD is particularly impressive with its high degree of proven stability and strict upward compatibility. All of this is then provided with a user interface that has matured over the years and offers maximum orientation, overview and ease of use. a ELCAD can be scaled from simple documentation to challenging design in mechanical engineering. ELCAD efficiently supports the complete workflow in the planning of electrical engineering tasks. a ELCAD is widely used in Europe and all over the world. The CAE...

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… our customers GFR – Gesellschaft für Regelungstechnik und Energieeinsparung mbH "By linking our project management tool and ELCAD, we have automated the creation of circuit diagrams, reduced processing times considerably and significantly improved the quality of the process as a whole," explained GFR's product management.

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Easy, quick, secure Intuitive operation A consistent and configurable user interface, support of standards, intuitive usability and customization options with respect to user behaviour are just a few of the keywords that speak in favour of ELCAD. Where many things had to be previously performed via laborious manual work, this routine work can now be left to the "pre-planned" processes, thus allowing users to concentrate on the essential design tasks. Furthermore, customized automation can be quickly and securely implemented via the integrated command language module. The symbol-based...

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Installation and updates even without special IT expertise Unlike many other programs on the market, the installation of ELCAD and the subsequent roll-out of updates means one thing in particular: minimum effort and feasible even without special knowledge. The flexible needs-based licensing model makes it easy to adjust to changing processes. Training sessions at AUCOTEC or inhouse From the ELCAD beginner to the experienced ELCAD expert - the right training is an important component for optimized e-documentation and the simultaneous saving of time. We offer the right training concept for...

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Everything speaks in favour of ELCAD Opt for ELCAD, an engineering system with complete design and customizing functionality. A highly automated tool that is fully customizable to standards, industries and your company – see for yourself: AUCOTEC AG Oldenburger Allee 24 30659 Hannover

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