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AUCOPLAN THE COMPLETE INSTRUMENTATION AND ELECTRICAL DESIGN AND ENGINEERING AUCOPLAN – The successful CAE system for planning, documentation and support of process I&E plants

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Full I&E Do you manage the planning of I&E systems? AUCOPLAN offers you an easy way for successful realization of this task. A unique concept for orderly editing is hidden behind the tried and tested "Control Centres", the solution for distinct work with tables and for processing mass data. Depending on the task in question, they offer the optimum view of the basic data. With the control centres, the engineering staff has the possibility to efficiently process both the plant structure to be generated and the entire world of functions, of device, strip and cable editing as well as the wiring...

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Referencing Your Success with AUCOPLAN AUCOPLAN represents a highly efficient tool for the planning, documentation and support of process control plants that can be tailored to your special needs independent of the company size or industrial sector. This operational flexibility of course also yields economical benefits since costly investments such as for special hardware - can be avoided. The adaptability of our I&E system converts both the smallest engineering office and the largest plant construction company into an efficient, competitive enterprise. To enable you to be ready for...

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Complete Documentation Automatically Correct Prewiring Diagram Data Sheet

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Instrumentations List Function Chart

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Terminal Diagram Circuit Diagram Cable Planning Diagram

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Highlights Evolution in Functions - Revolution in Operation A comprehensive data model is the basis for a broad integration of all tasks from the acquisition of process engineering data via the complete I&E hardware planning and wiring to the creation of the function diagram. With AUCOPLAN these demands can be met, as proved by the millions of planned and documented I&E tags of our customers - and that despite the fact that there are no two projects alike! The most varying customizing states and multifarious fields of application of AUCOPLAN speak for themselves: with AUCOPLAN you decide in...

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Openness, Integration, SAP Openness as a Principle Principle: Freedom for the User The usefulness of an I&E planning software essentially depends on the possibility to be integrated into the existing IT environment of your enterprise. The uncompromising openness of the system ascertains your flexibility in project planning. When modelling your method of operation, you are not restricted but supported in the continuation of your previous working practice. AUCOPLAN has been designed from the start as a software tool meant to be integrated so that the data exchange with upstream, parallel and...

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Introduction, Training, Coaching Schedule for AUCOPLAN Introduction System Analysis ● Workshop with CAE administrators ● Scope definition ● Milestones Customizing ● Establishment of the target system ● Creation of a documented customer system The success of a product is decided in its beginnings. Whatever you put on the right track will arrive safely. For the introduction of the CAE tool AUCOPLAN we offer you a modular concept that will guide you safely to successful work with AUCOPLAN. You profit from our experience yet always have complete control of the events, because from the start we...

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AUCOTEC AG Oldenburger Allee 24 • D-30659 Hanover Telephone +49 511 6103-0 Telefax +49 511 614074

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