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Smart Connected Assembly - 31 Pages

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Smart Connected Assembly

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Smart Connected Assembly Empowering the vision of Industry 4.0

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Be summa nefits six pill rized in the ars of v alue To illus trate an d You want a total solutions provider The industry is rapidly changing. New challenges are emerging, and new benefits of smart connected assembly are arising. Giving you the tools to maintain quality control in complex production systems, and increase uptime in production critical operations. This evolution of the assembly process is driven by the Industry 4.0 – The fourth industrial revolution: the digitalization of manufacturing and assembly. By combining the right tools with the right software – you can manage...

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Increased tool uptime to 99,5% Increase tool up-time from 98% to 99,5%, by combining a traditional approach for preventive maintenance, with a more data driven approach for predictive maintenance. The maintenance tasks are determined by the condition of the equipment – rather than the average or expected life statistics. Thanks to the dramatically improved data analytics capability, and the sophisticated maintenance models, the repair can be scheduled at a time that minimizes the impact on production.

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15% reduction in defects By integrating applications for part verification and documentation, operator guidance and pick-to-light solutions, you can achieve a reduction in defects and rework Correct parts - in the right quantities by 15%. The operator guidance application visualizes all process steps and data, to direct the operator through the assembly process. And with the help of a pick-to-light system, the selection of the correct parts - in the right quantities - is ensured for versatile production processes.

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Costs for introduction of new products down 57% Introducing new products often requires adding or moving production equipment around. However, the use of Virtual Stations brings the cost for new product introduction down by impressive 57%. This by decentralizing and virtualizing control logic, processes and operations. New products can now be added or moved without re-allocating or commissioning of new hardware. A simple software configuration change is all it takes.

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First time through increased to 98% to.46.Z5.i60 ■ Tightening cwnroiier MISSIS l!»i£ui Improved productivity by 73% First time through, increased from 92,5% to 98% in one year with a structured data analysis process. This improved productivity is achieved through fewer reworks, higher end-product quality and maximum uptime on the assembly line. Just a few of the many benefits offered by smart process monitoring and analysis software like Atlas Copco ToolsNet. Enhancing the capability to monitor, document, analyze, and improve the assembly process. Problems are identified and rectified by...

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» Enhanced Operator Guidance Human Factors – 30% reduction in training Smart integrated software solutions offer enhanced operator guidance, resulting in fast recognition of rework process, traceability in assembly and manual operations, error proofing, data analysis and plant monitoring. So when introducing a new model or changing the assembly process – you have a reduced amount of operator training require

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Meet Environmental Policies. 80% Reduction in energy use Multiple wireless tools running on one virtual assembly process controller, leads to a significant reduction in energy use. Recent studies indicate that up to 80% of energy in a typical industrial environment, is consumed when the equipment and tools are in standby mode. For factories powered by wind and solar, reducing energy consumption is more than a cost reduction, it’s a necessity to meet environmental policies.

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The Power Focus 6000 – designed to deliver The Power Focus 6000 – The perfect choice for safety critical assembly. Supporting hand held and fixtured tools, the Power Focus 6000 is designed to make everyday production easier and more efficient. The Power Focus 6000 also increases your flexibility in rebalancing assembly lines. Benefits ff Compatible ff Connect up to 6 tools to the same controller installation with less cables, hardware components and network drops power consumption floor space utilization and a much smaller environmental footprint. Intelligence making a difference – IAM is...

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Virtual Stations – the enabler Using less hardware will save you up to 80% power consumption – great news for the environment! The Virtual Station is the enabler of your assembly. It controls the tool, the communication and the accessories in your assembly station. Controlling multiple tools, working with virtual station gives you less cable management, less network connections and less hardware components. You will gain increased flexibility with increased re-balancing speed in your production. The Virtual Station keeps all information about your assembly process, giving you an instant...

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Revolutionary tightening strategies True Angle. Narrow down your angle window, detect the common assembly problems – and increase your quality! TurboTight. Improve operator experience, let the tool absorb the reaction force. Eliminate operator influence The Turbo Tight strategy lets the tool absorb the reaction force, and significantly improve ergonomics for the operator. Shortening cycle times and at the same time improving flexibility. Less hardware means less maintenance. And if you’re doing 200 tightenings a day that makes the world of a difference. TrueAngle uses a gyro signal to read...

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Tensor STR – increase individual productivity Increase your speed and reduce the weight – gain outstanding performance. The Tensor STR is more than just a powerful nutrunner. Its outstanding performance and robust and ergonomic design, lifts this tool into a new era. High-end performance in every detail, and the modular design will allow you to reduce your spare part inventory. Angle, straight and pistol tools available. Extremely fast, compact and easy to operate, reducing operation cycle times

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