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OIL-FREE PROCESS GAS COMPRESSORS – API 618 HX/HN Series (up to 560 kW / 750 hp) - 20 Pages

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OIL-FREE PROCESS GAS COMPRESSORS – API 618 HX/HN Series (up to 560 kW / 750 hp)

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THE BEST RESPONSE TO YOUR FLEXIBILITY AND RELIABILITY NEEDS Atlas Copco is one of the world's leading companies in air/gas compression, with over 140 years of experience. Our complete range of solutions is characterized by outstanding product and component quality. We can handle a wide variety of gases and gas mixtures and can tailor our compressors to the specific requirements of your processes. If you are looking for a passionate manufacturer able to meet all your air/gas compression needs, look no further than Atlas Copco.

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Ensuring reliable production Designed for 24/7 industrial service, HX/HN compressors meet your requirements for a smooth and reliable supply of air or gas at all times, without the need for constant supervision. Proof of their reliability is the thousands of machines that have been operating worldwide for decades. Preserving your process with oil-free technology Oil-free compression safeguards the quality of the gas compressed. In most applications, even the slightest pollution is unacceptable and could lead to high risks for your production. Maximizing savings Reciprocating technology is a...

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Energy In all types of power plants, whether fuelled by nuclear, hydroelectricity, coal, biogas, wind or solar energy, our high-pressure compressors are used for multiple applications. These include supplying gas to turbines or cogeneration plants. Our numerous worldwide references are the testimony of the quality of our HX/HN machines. Oil & gas Whether onshore or offshore, thanks to reliable API 618 design and full customization to specific requests, HX/HN compressors work reliably in high temperature, sandy, corrosive and marine environments. Chemical plants The chemical industry is a...

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OIL-FREE TECHNOLOGY: SAFE FOR YOUR PROCESS Oil in your process can lead to severe consequences such as spoiled or unsafe products, production downtime, and legal issues. In the gas compression sector, gas integrity is of the utmost importance. Atlas Copco technology guarantees oil-free production: • Long- or double-distance pieces (depending on the process) equipped with oil sealing rings ensure physical separation between the crankcase and the cylinders. • The length of the piston rod is calculated so that no part in contact with oil enters the compression chamber. • Packings with sealing...

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a Reliability due to superior design • Heavy duty crankcase with forced feed lubrication for good lubrication allowing more load. • Precise lubrication points on each bearing, extending bearing life time. • Replaceable precision-bored sleeve bearings on the complete range for increased reliability and easy maintenance. • Double bearing on crankshaft at flywheel side avoids crankshaft deformation & damage from over-tensioning of V-belts or heavy flywheel, increasing drive train reliability. • Crankshaft made in ductile cast-iron (higher ranges: forged steel) to take more load, increasing...

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Adapted to gas composition • Components (valves, piston rod packings, cylinders) are specially selected according to gas composition and humidity content. • Specially adapted materials such as stainless steel pressure vessels and piping in case of wet gas for a reduced risk of corrosion. Horizontal design for reduced maintenance • Less vibrations for longer component life. • Reduced forces and torques to minimize foundation requirement. • Reduced specific load on piston wear bands for longer life. • Easy access to all parts and easily removable crosshead guide. • Skid mounted, plug & play...

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SAVE ENERGY WITH SMART CAPACITY CONTROL HX/HN piston compressors are extremely energy-efficient. Adapting the capacity to the gas or air requirements ensures that the process is as flexible and efficient as possible. Different types of capacity control are possible: • Stepped control – Double-acting cylinders allow the flow to be adjusted by clamping one or several suction valves in the open position. Stepped capacity control of 0-100% or 0-50-100% is possible. • Bypass – The use of a pressure control valve gives an extremely stable pressure. • Variable Speed Drive - In single stage...

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CUSTOMIZING YOUR MACHINE At Atlas Copco, we know that every customer has unique requirements. Every machine can therefore reflect the particular requirement of each customer. Whether in safe, harsh or hazardous areas, for installation indoors or outdoors, onshore or offshore, we can supply the equipment you need. Adapted design • Adaptation to gas composition and to your process. • Stainless steel components and pipings. • Specially designed separator for wet gas. • Special paint or protective coating. • Welding specifications. Drive • Electric motor - Diesel engine. • V-belts up to 315...

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DEVELOPING COMPLETE SOLUTIONS Thanks to an unmatched portfolio of technologies and equipment, Atlas Copco can provide complete solutions combining: • Screw, centrifugal and reciprocating compressors. • Nitrogen generators. • Gas dehydration and purification units. • Biogas upgrading equipment. • Filters, dryers, pressure vessels, and air/gas treatment accessories. Our unique portfolio offers a range of benefits: • Quick and safe sizing of all combined elements. • Easy ordering and communication. • Simple installation. • Easier and cost-effective combined maintenance by our teams. From...

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OUR PASSION: AIR & GAS COMPRESSION OUR COMMITMENT: YOUR SATISFACTION Since the creation of our company, designing innovative solutions to serve our customers in air and gas compression has always been our driver and passion. Our team of specialists will help you choose the most optimal solution for your process and will support you through all stages of your project. Front-end engineering and design Our engineers are highly trained specialists in every aspect of compression and have wide experience. They are backed up by applied calculation software. All thermodynamic data, the...

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