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Mechatronic System - MWR

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Mechatronic System - MWR More than a click.

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aI Thanks to a standard drive (9x12 and 14x18) , the operator can always find the perfect end fitting for his application. bI Operator can always know if a wrench is ready to work, and if the tightening was correct, by looking at the onboard LEDs. | cB Thanks to the wireless connection the operator is free to move around and to access bolt location. I^H The charging cradle is a stable holder and a battery charger, making sure that the tools are always ready to perform their tasks. Shift after shift. |e| Detailed tightening information is immediately available on the Focus 60 and 61...

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than a click! Increase the quality of your joints considerably with the error proofing functionalities of the MWR mechatronic system. Combining the productivity of a click wrench with the traceability of an electronic one, this smart manual fastening system for tightening processes is a good investment. Using the smallest version of this high productive wrench you are able to get access to joints inaccessible for a standard tool. The online results provide a complete traceability of the tightening process.

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nal LED sig A blue nch wre on the or operat es the guid gh the throu ess. easily g proc htenin tig Based on the mechanical “click” wrench, the MWR mechatronic wrench is highly productive. The clear physical feedback of the “click” makes it easy to handle even for untrained workers, giving you a very short training period. Feedback of the tightening process is clear with the distinctive “click” of the MWR mechanism in combination with the colored LEDs. If needed the MWR mechatronic system can be completed with the stack lights connected to the Focus controller. Size Size and performance...

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Focus In combination with the controller Focus 60 or 61 the MWR mechatronic series combines the easy handling of a click wrench with the controlled tightening possibilities of electronic wrenches. With an optional barcode scanner you can start your job and add additional information. The mechatronic system gives a clear feedback through the LEDs on the wrench or the separate optional stacklight. You can manage two operators and assign up to 10 MWR wrenches to a single station. The controller type Focus 60 provides an easy data collection of all necessary tightening information. With our...

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Throughout a tightening, the MWR wrench will monitor three important process parameters,, depending on the choosen model, It measures if the right torque is applied, the correct angle IQ is archieved and if the operator releases the tightening ________ The MWR-TA measures torque and angle values, reporting problems immediately. Wrong screws or damaged threads are history! Any re-hit is detected making you 100% sure that all the screws in a sequence are properly tightened. Torque The MWR-T is measuring torque during the entire tightening process. Depending on the limits, the peak value gives...

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Tools talk BLM The standard software for programming the mechatronic system - TTBLM - enables the planning engineer to set up all the joint, batch and job settings for Focus 60 and 61. You can get a list of all the available Focus 60/61 controllers via LAN/Ethernet and get connected to anyone of them to administrate your application from the office. TTBLM offers you a complete overview about the status of each MWR wrench in your plant like battery level, calibration and availability. The live monitor can display online results from the wrench highlighting status by colors End fittingsOpen...

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Flared End 9x12 •    B H S W    max Hexagon ratchet Hexagon Ratchet 9x12 max • mm B mm H mm S mm g Teeth Nm Ordering No. 10    28    13.5    51    95    33    25    4027    5012    30 14 • MWR - Mechatronic wrench system - more than a click

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End fittings Open hexagon ratchet Open Hexagon Ratchet 9x12 mm B mm H mm S mm W mm g max Nm AF mm Teeth Ordering No. 8    30    16.5    48    5.1    90    15    8    33    4027 5012    50 Fixed square ■ in B mm H mm S mm g max Nm Ordering No. Fixed Square 9x12 1/4    20    14    17.5    76    40    4027    5013    20 Open Hexagon Ratchet with reinforced bottom 9x12 mm B mm H mm S mm W mm g max Nm AF mm Teeth Ordering No. 10    30    16.5    48    6.3    91    15    10    33    4027 5012    63 Open end with ratchet function Open End with Ratchet function 9x12 ■ in B mm H mm S mm g max Nm...

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Mechatronic wrench system Torque range Accessories Charging Cradle MWR Charging Cradle MWR Clips (HD) MWR Protection Cover Setting key MWR/CWR Recharg. battery NIMH AAA MWR Stacklight ESL-04 Standard IO Expander (sealed) Focus 60/61 Dig. Out Connector Antennas Antenna Antenna Cable-Antenna, 2,5 m Extended Cable-Antenna, 5 m Cables I/O bus cable I/O bus cable I/O bus cable I/O bus cable I/O bus cable I/O bus cable I/O Termination plug Ethernet straight Ethernet straight Ethernet straight Ethernet straight Ethernet straight Ethernet straight Ethernet straight Ethernet straight Wrench...

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