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PEAK PERFORMANCE COMPRESSION SYSTEMS Atlas Copco manufactures high-end premium products engineered by a world-class center of excellence. Our commitment to quality is exemplified by compliance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHAS 18001 certifications. We have a century of experience in high-pressure technology and have installed thousands of compressors worldwide for various industrial gas and vehicle refueling applications. Our DM high-pressure oil-free compressor range will meet your needs for peak performance and optimal efficiency. HIGH-PRESSURE, HIGH RELIABILITY, AND NO OIL CARRY-OVER The...

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DM HIGH-PRESSURE OIL-FREE COMPRESSORS DM compressors are grease lubricated compressors with oil-free cylinders, incorporating inovative scotch yoke technology in a vertical design. Completely gas-tight, they are perfectly adapted to applications such as natural gas vehicle refueling stations, natural gas grid boosting and hydrogen compression for various end uses and processes. Oil-free With its unique scotch yoke design converting rotating movements into linear movements, the DM compressor does not require lube oil, hence will not contaminate the compressed gas with oil carry-over. It also...

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ft Highly efficient: 2 to 5 compression stages • DM compressors are available with up to 5 compression stages to ensure low compression ratios, reduced heat generation, and less wear. • Scotch yoke technology ensures balanced forces and reduced floor space. 5 Gas cooler After each compression stage the gas is cooled by fins around the gas pipes. 5 Cooling air fan Directly coupled to the main drive to ensure a constant air flow through the whole unit. 5 Cooling air channel Ensures optimal cooling air flow through the complete compressor. 5 Electric motor drive • The drive is coupled at the...

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Hermetically sealed pressurized crankcase • Trunk piston technology enables the cylinders to fit on the crankcase. • Suction process starts directly from the pressurized crankcase with up to 39 bar(a) (551 psig). • No need for distance pieces, gaskets or stuffing boxes. Pressure relief valves A set of relief valves and gauges on inter-stage and discharge side for optimized safety. Separator after last compression stage Interconnection gas pipes in stainless steel. Relief valve collector Each individual stage is collected back to suction. Anti-vibration pads DM compressors are assembled on a...

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OPTIMAL CONTROL OF YOUR COMPRESSION SYSTEM The control unit is a fail-safe electronic board specifically developed to control compressors and their system components. It allows fail-safe solutions to be set up quickly and with minimal maintenance requirements. It eliminates the need for complex circuitry for monitoring systems (e.g. for suction pressure or final output stage temperature). Monitoring functions allow operators and service personnel to identify and rectify problems quickly and effectively. This increases system availability and significantly reduces maintenance and servicing...

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TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Technical data CNG: Up to 39 bar(a) H2: up to 10 bar (a) CNG: Up to 301 bar(a) H2: up to 350 bar(a) Up to 200 Nm3/h Suction pressure Working pressure Flow rate Motor power Compressor capacity for natural gas (Ts= 15°C/Ta=20°C) Flow (Nm³/h) 250 200 150 100 50 0 1 The DM compressor is especially designed for natural gas and hydrogen. The diagram above illustrates standard DM compressors compressing natural gas. Hydrogen or process data outside the above range are available upon request. Inlet pressure (bar(a))

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We stand by our responsibilities towards our customers, towards the environment and the people around us. We make performance stand the test of time. This is what we call – Sustainable Productivity. Certificate Number 887-10506-1111-1028 2935 0602 10 © 2015, Atlas Copco, Belgium. All rights reserved. Designs and specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation. Read all safety instructions in the manual before usage. COMMITTED TO SUSTAINABLE PRODUCTIVITY

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