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HIGH PRESSURE CNG REFUELING SOLUTIONS Intermech BBR/FBR/VIP CNG Compressors (75-600 hp) - 24 Pages

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Atlas Copco: Committed to your sustainable productivity 4 Atlas Copco Atlas Copco is an industrial group with world-leading positions in compressors, expanders and air treatment systems, construction and mining equipment, power tools and assembly systems. The company founded in 1873 is based in Stockholm, Sweden, and has a global reach spanning more than 170 countries. All around the world, companies rely on Atlas Copco’s expertise and innovations to contribute to their business growth. Atlas Copco helps them cut costs and boost productivity while taking care of the environment. With a...

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ensuring safe filling of all storage cylinders and more standard cubic meters are filled into each vehicle or trailer. Reliabilty, cost efficiency and good performace makes Atlas Copco’s CNG compressors preferred by gas station owners. The station owners look upon the compressor vendor to assist them with reliable aftermarket support. Atlas Copco with its qualified team of aftermarket specialist and presence in over 170 countries is well equipped to meet such demands. 1994 Intermech launches the first mother-daughter station in North-Western China. Greenfield launches the “DM” CNG...

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Atlas Copco total CNG solution 4 Atlas Copco INTERMECH BBR/FBR/VIP stations are appreciated for their quality, safe operation, smooth running and compact design. Online Station - Standard Supply Line Filter Dryer Fill / Priority Panel* Mother Station - To truck Supply Line Fill / Priority Panel Filter Dryer Mother Station FBR Compressors Daughter Station - From truck Fill / Priority Panel Daughter Station VIP Compressor Pressure Reducing Station

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Trailer Storage Component not required for dedicated trailer filling station

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The three pillars of productivity 4 High Reliability High Reliability High Reliability Atlas Copco CNG compressors are highly dependable and keep on performing with minimal cost of ownership. Low maintenance due to direct drive 4 Avoids lateral loads on crankshaft and bearings Belts not required to be replaced every six months Air cooled machines for trouble free running 4 Air cooled machines avoid stoppages due to scaling, pump and cooling tower failures ASME designed air cooled heat exchangers with straight seamless expanded L-finned tubes for life long duty Soft starter* enhances...

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Mini lube design gives longer life ® Metered drop lubrication of cylinders through separate lubricator divider system reduce wear on rings Restricted piston speeds result in longer ring and valve life Synthetic rings result in low friction and reduced wear Reduced maintenance due to low temperature ® Low discharge temperatures by proper staging and large oversized efficient intercoolers, result in longer ~valves and piston life. ® Separate oil cooler extends period of oil change Minimum vibrations reduce maintenance ® Horizontal balanced opposed design and 3 dimensional balancing of...

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The three pillars of productivity 4 Smart Energy Smart Energy Smart Energy With energy consumption costs typically accounting for 80% of the total cost of ownership, the Atlas Copco range of INTERMECH CNG compressors are unmatched in their ability to provide guaranteed energy efficiency. Zero leakage through pressurized crankcase 4 Pressurized crankcase up to 25 bar(e) results in zero gas loss to atmosphere Gas savings of up to 3% over unsealed compressors at first start up. After time the wear causes the unsealed compressors to leak more, resulting in saving up to 6% with a sealed...

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Optimized Package design 4 Oversized heat exchangers have low approach temperatures and efficient intercooling, reducing power consumption Generously sized internal piping and vessels have the lowest pressure drop resulting in lower power consumption Up to 1800 rpm compressor running speed for direct coupling of compressor to the prime mover, gas or electric No belt transmission losses results in saving up to 5-7% of total energy costs Efficiency through design 4 Optimized number of stages ensure low power consumption Balanced opposed design and high degree of balancing of components,...

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The three pillars of productivity With many years of experience in CNG compressors and an enviable track record of safe operation extending over millions of compressor running hours, safety is an integral part of all our CNG compressors. Safety due to design © The design of Atlas Copco CNG machines refers to international codes like TEMA, API and ASME assuring safety. © Control system are designed to monitor critical control points to guarantee safe operation © Machines are designed for zoned area using explosion proof motors and suitable instruments © CSA / NFPA 37 approved gas engine ©...

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Safety due to worldclass sub vendors 4 Our philosophy of “Safety First” ensures that we qualify our vendors based on their safety track record . Our critical key components are sourced from world renowned companies who have built a reputation of safety and reliability in the oil and gas market Atlas Copco’s philosophy is to provide customers with products that have been designed, manufactured and serviced to internationally recognized ISO 9001 quality assurance standards. This ensures that there is full documentation and traceability of all materials and components Each compressor is fully...

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Package scope: ® Inlet filter to compressor block ® Pressurized crankcase up to 25 bar(e) ® Electric motor/gas engine drive ® Flexible direct coupling with coupling guard ® Air cooled intercooler/aftercooler and air cooled oil cooler ® Piping / stainless steel tubing ® Integrated moisture separator / pulsation dampener ® Duplex final filtration using coalescing filters to remove aerosols to less than 5 ppm ® Integrated blowdown vessel ® Lubricating system including gear pump, oil filter —® Necessary instrumentation as per area classification Standard features: ® Standalone PLC based control...

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