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ATLAS COPCO MARINE AIR SOLUTIONS Setting the standard in marine compressed air

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GLOBAL SOLUTIONS FOR SUSTAINABLE PRODUCTIVITY Atlas Copco is a world leader in solutions that generate sustainable productivity in your industrial applications. Built with more than 135 years of experience and know-how, our products and services range from compressed air and gas equipment, generators, construction and mining equipment, industrial tools and assembly systems to all related parts and services, including industrial rental services. What sets Atlas Copco apart as a company? Above all, it is our conviction that our own success is directly linked to the success of our customers....

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SETTING THE STANDARD IN MARINE COMPRESSED AIR With a comprehensive product offering, Atlas Copco is a trusted partner in the marine industry. We provide reliable equipment for many challenging applications along the entire marine value chain. We know our business – and we know yours. When we work with our customers, we have one goal in mind: sustainable productivity. Based on our company’s early roots in compressor techniques, we have built our expertise and expanded our portfolio over decades of research & development and customer interaction. We have grown to become a premier, reliable...

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An energy-efficient solution for any marine application Atlas Copco offers the following equipment for the marine industry: • Starting air • Oil-injected and oil-free compressors • Working air • Control air • Instrument air • Bulk handling • Feed air (^-generator) • Exhaust gas treatment • Low pressure air for de-blasting semi sub & sewage treatment and hull air lubricating system • Seismic survey HP compressors • Centrifugal air and gas compressors • Nitrogen for dual fuel systems including booster units up to 350 bar • Nitrogen as inert gas for blanketing and flushing pipes, tanks and...

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AIR-COOLED STARTING AIR COMPRESSORS Lubricated Reciprocating Compressors Atlas Copco's air-cooled starting air compressors excel in a proven aluminium design, enjoy the approval of all major classification societies and have been installed at a multitude of satisfied customers. The aluminium design makes sure the compressors are very lightweight, well balanced and provide excellent heat transfer to the ambient. Since the warm-up time is only 6 minutes compared to 20 minutes for steel blocks, the compressors experience no issues with condensation in the oil. In addition, Atlas Copco can also...

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Full aluminium block, excellent heat transfer Air inlet with dry-type replaceable filter element High volume fan for cooling Re-silent chocks with welding or bolted plates Solenoid valve for auto drain and unloaded start/stop Excellently balanced by V-shape design Glycerin filled pressure gauge Direct coupled motor with preloaded bearings Pressure switch Flexible hose for compressed air out High pressure stainless steel water separator with integrated check valve Options • Master/slave switch • Electric cubicle • Anti-condensation heater e-motor • Oil level switch • Amp meter • Remote control

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According to ISO 1217, latest edition. In accordance with shipbuilding regulations. For further information, please refer to page 82.

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According to ISO 1217, latest edition. In accordance with shipbuilding regulations. For further information, please refer to page 82.

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Atlas Copco has developed a new range of water-cooled piston compressors for starting air together with Bumhan Korea. With capacities up to 90 kW, Atlas Copco can now offer starting air compressors for any marine application. The new LT KE starting air compressors are made of cast iron and have capacities from 25 to 125 hp. They withstand ambient temperatures up to 60°C, which makes them ideal for the engine room. They also have a small footprint while offering extended maintenance intervals and low running costs. Your benefits • Efficiency and reliability • Forced air flow around crankcase...

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LT KE water-cooled piston compressors for starting air (18.5-90 kW / 25-125 hp) 1 Marine e-motor with flex coupling 9 Standard cooling water hoses 2 Sound muffler on drain collector for low 10 Cooling water inlet solenoid valve to noise levels avoid condensation 3 Junction box for easy installation 11 Built-in oil-water separator 4 Auto drain valves on first and second 12 Air outlet with standard non-return valve stages as well as unloaded start 5 Internal crankcase ventilation chamber avoids oil fumes venting to ambient air 6 Water-cooled air coolers 7 Air inlet with replaceable filter...

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* Measured according to ISO 1217, Annex C, latest edition. ** In accordance with shipbuilding regulations. For further information, please refer to page 82. Reference conditions: - Absolute inlet pressure: 1 bar(a), 14.5 psig. - Intake air and coolant temperature: 20°C. • Certification • Cooling water shut off solenoid valve • Non-return valve • Auto drain valves Scope of supply Re-silent chocks Flanged connections Synthetic oil Approval drawings Spare parts & instruction manual • Oil-water separator • e-motor IP55

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Heat dissapation Options • Starter box IP54, Y/D • Cooling water pump • Seawater cooling • Pressure switches • Spare parts kit

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WORKING, CONTROL & INSTRUMENT AIR COMPRESSORS Variable Speed Drive Units (VSD) Energy can represent over 70% of a compressor's lifecycle costs (LCC). Most applications have a fluctuating air demand depending on the time of day, week, or even months per year. Atlas Copco's Variable Speed Drive (VSD) technology mirrors air usage - automatically adjusting the motor speed depending on demand. With VSD technology, Atlas Copco has made major energy cost savings a reality, while helping to protect the environment for future generations. Atlas Copco pioneered the VSD concept early 90's and has...

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Unique value proposition Atlas Copco is committed to developing a highly efficient screw element for each MAS generation. Developed from extensive R&D by dedicated Atlas Copco engineers, the latest version of the patented oil-injected rotary screw element provides unrivaled efficiency and reliability. The MAS+ VSD adapts to the flow and controls your costs: • The electric motor, which is specifically designed for VSD • The Elektronikon® Graphic controls the compressor with feedback from operation (inverter duty motor), thus the integrated converter, thus enables the compressor to start...

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