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Pressure calibrator CDP 60


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Pressure calibrator CDP 60 - 1

COMPACT HANHELD PRESSURE CALIBRATOR The CDP60 calibrator checks the pressure calibration of leak and flow measurement instruments as well as any other pressure measuring instrument. This light, compact and user friendly calibrator is essential for field or laboratory checks, when accuracy and repeatability cannot be compromised and large instrument are too bulky or too expensive. With the CDP, you can now easily check and follow the requirements of ISO or other quality standards. Highlights POCKET SIZE AND USER FRIENDLY DISPLAY LI-ION RECHARGEABLE BATTERY → USB INTERFACE → HIGH ACCURACY → → Applications Pressure Calibration checking on Leak and Flow testers Checking of other types of pressure measuring instr

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Pressure calibrator CDP 60 - 2

COMPACT HANHELD PRESSURE CALIBRATOR Measurement ranges Main features FLOW MEASUREMENT Range • Automatic sleep mode • Print out (USB or RS232) • Battery level check • LCD display (4 x20 characters) • 1 year warranty • Accessories: Carrying case, pressure generator (1000 Pa), pocket, protective holster. Rdg = Reading value Accuracy defined as no linearity, hysterisis and repeatability. * Specification in option (calibrated by our ISO/IEC 17025 laboratory) Technical specifications Air supply Temperature Clean and dry air required air quality standard to be applied (ISO 8573-1) Operating: +10°C...

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