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Leak tester | F670


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Leak tester | F670 - 1

F670 LEAK TEST INSTRUMENT FOR INDUSTRIAL QUALITY CONTROL After 45 years, and 275,000 testers installed in more than 5,000 customers worldwide, ATEQ presents its revolutionary leak tester in an industrial 19'' 3U format: F670. New electronic module, new measurement module, new interface, new accessories… All has been made to improve your quality control. And yet, inside can be found the latest leak testing technics and technology that will guarantee you the fastest and most accurate leak testing cycle on the market. Highlights LARGE COLOR DISPLAY MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE → MULTIPLE COMMUNICATION → → Applications Automotive, domestic appliances, medical, aeronautic, defense, fluid and electrical components, food and cosmetic packagi

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Leak tester | F670 - 2

F670 LEAK TEST INSTRUMENT FOR INDUSTRIAL QUALITY CONTROL Main Features Technical Specifications • Differential pressure decay leak measurement. • Large range of leak measurement (∆P) F.S.: 50 Pa, 500 Pa or 5000 Pa • Mechanical or electronic regulator from vacuum to 20 bar • 128 programs • setting on line (via USB) • 2 languages (English + other one) • Manual calibration on front panel with calibrated leak • Data storage on internal memory or USB key ENVIRONMENT • ROHS standard TEST MODES • ∆P (Pa, 1/10 Pa) • ∆P/t (Pa/s, 1/10 Pa/s) • Flow units (sccm, mm3/s, cm3/s, cm3/min, cm3/h...) •...

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