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Leak test - High pressure : F 570 HP


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Leak test - High pressure : F 570 HP - 1

F570HP High pressure leak detector for production testing s STANDARD INDUSTRIAL FORMAT mance automated volume on Specially adapted for automatic, semi-automatic or manual EASY SET-UP Main features and characteristics most advanced high perfortester HIGH SPECIFICATIONS - COMPETITIVELY PRICED s Differential mode pressure drop leak measurement s 1 leak detection range (∆P) P.E. : 5 000 Pa s Test modes: • ∆P (Pa, 1/10 Pa) • ∆P / ∆t (Pa/s, 1/10 Pa/s) • flow units (mm3/s, cm3/s, cm3/min, cm3/h) • blockage test • and others depending on your application s 16 programs s Serial links: RS232: printer, P.C. and parameter storage modules RS232: RC5 remote control RS485: Networking with C540, C545 or F580 s And: Time and date display, choice of languages and units, customisation of tests for your requierements, automatic measurement cycle... sive range of standard speOptions 7 local inputs / 5 local outputs plete package of options Electronic regulator 6 x 24 V programmable outputs for external automation 2 analogue outputs: 0 - 10 V or 4 - 20 mA Catheters, refrigeration parts, oil radiators, HP tubes and pipes, valves, hydraulic brakes... Can be networked with: C540, C545 and F580. Profibus Fieldbus Converter

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Leak test - High pressure : F 570 HP - 2

Measurement principle Configuration and results storage module (accessories) Measurement range ∆P MEASUREMENT RANGE MAXIMUM RESOLUTION PRESSURE MEASUREMENT RANGE MAXIMUM RESOLUTION MECHANICAL PRESSURE REGULATION 80 bar ELECTRONIC PRESSURE REGULATION 40 bar Technical specifications s Presentation Weight: about 9 kg s Interface Navigation keys 4 line LCD display Results indicators s External power supply Power supply: 90 - 260 V AC / 50 W s Air supply It must imperatively be clean and dry Air quality standard to be applied (ISO 8573-1) s Temperature Operating Storage Head Office: 15, rue des...

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