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IONIQ 20 leak test


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LEAK TESTER FOR HIGH VOLUME PRODUCTION PRODUCTION BATTERY POUCH CELL TESTING On the basis of its well proven concept of production line QC Testers, ATEQ has developed a new leak tester designed for the specific requirements of high volume production of plastic parts. This instrument is used for the detection of localized moulding faults, insufficient membrane thickness, perforations, etc. This instrument has also proven to be effective on testing pouch battery cells. The IONIQ is based on discharge current measurement and is able to detect defects up to of 10µm. Highlights 1 to 3 SIMULTANEOUS TEST CHANNELS DISPLAY 1 to 3 CHANNELS FOR INDUSTRIAL LINE AND LABORATORY Applications Battery pouch cells, plastic bottle caps, plastic packaging, plastic covering

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Measurement principle • The IONIQ measures the current flowing between a patented charged probe and a ground plate placed under the part to be tested. • The IONIQ uses the % of the nominal voltage (which reflects the discharge current), measured on the part as PASS/FAIL level. • In a PASS situation (fig 1): No hole, no weak part, the IONIQ measures a high %. The measured voltage and the nominal voltage are virtually equal. The result is above the reject level, the part has passed the test. • In a FAIL situation (fig 2): The IONIQ measures a low %. The measured voltage is significantly below...

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