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Hydrogen leak tester | H520


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Hydrogen leak tester | H520 - 1

LEAK TRACER FOR FINE LEAK DETECTION AND LOCALIZATION The H520, a newcomer in the ATEQ range of leak detectors, is one of the finest gas tracer and hydrogen leak detectors on the market today. The most cost effective solution when you desire to identify leaks in gr/year or ppm, equipped with all features for easy integration. Highlights COST EFFECTIVE SOLUTION INDEPENDENT OF TEST VOLUME AND TEMPERATURE LEAK LOCALIZATIO

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Hydrogen leak tester | H520 - 2

LEAK TRACER FOR FINE LEAK DETECTION AND LOCALIZATION Measurement Characteristic Technical specifications Temperature GAS DETECTION MEASUREMENT (H2) Range MEASUREMENT OF THE TEST PRESSURE Navigation Keys Main Features • Digital pressure survey • Generated Suction Flow control • Vacuum pre test (gross leak) • Detection of leaking gas traces - Range: 5~ 100 ppm • 32 programs Electrical connectors Accuracy 1% of the pressure + 2 digits — External power supply Pneumatical connection • RS232: printer, computer link • Remote • Calibrator Leak • External probe • 7 inputs/ 5 outputs • Automatic...

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