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CDH6000 - 1

CALIBRATOR FOR H6000 LEAK DETECTOR The CDH6000 is a gas H2N2 (5% hydrogen) supply that checks the calibration of the H6000. It can be used with one or several calibrated leaks. Highlights SUITABLE FOR INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS SIMPLE TO USE CDH6000 Setup: • The CDH6000 must be fitted with a calibrated leak to deliver a known quantity of gas H2 N2 (5% hydrogen) at a given pressure. • If the pressure displayed on the gauge of CDH6000 does not exceed 1 bar, change the cartridge (maximum pressure: 4 bar) • To purchase cartridges filled with gas H2 N2 (5% hydrogen) contac

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CDH6000 - 2

CALIBRATOR FOR H6000 LEAK DETECTOR Tips: When the operator has finished using the calibrator CDH6000 disconnect the calibrated leak and store in its case and avoid the excessive pollution of the test area. H6000 Tracer gas leak tester Cartridge extracted To change the cartridge, remove it by pressing the button on the connector. Then, insert a new cartridge by sliding it down until it "clicks" into place Install the calibrated leak on the input connector of the CDH6000 Adjust the pressure by pressing on the left to increase or right to decrease buttons until there is 1 bar on the gauge. (1...

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