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CO2 Storage ASCO Transportable CO2 Tanks / ASCO CO2 Semi-Trailers ASCO supplies different sizes of transportable CO2 tanks which can be mounted on any suitable truck or trailer locally. Transportable tanks are a cost saving alternative to conventional road tankers as the oper tor may use the a vehicle for other duties as well as bulk CO2 transport. The tank is a self-contained unit mounted on a base frame and when empty it can easily be craned on or off as required. Suitable lifting lugs are on the top of the tank. While transportable (demountable) CO2 tanks provide cost efficiency, our CO2 semi-trailers provide even more logistics efficiency. The special design of both our transportable CO2 tanks and semi-trailers allows simple operation. A lockable machinery compartment houses the transfer pump and motor, control valves, contents and pressure gauges and pipework. ASCO Transportable CO2 Tanks and CO2 Semi-Trailers: Key features • Short loading and unloading times thanks to proven design and user-ergonomy Highest possible capacity and lowest tare weight without compromising safety and durability, paying back customer's investments very early Special insulation considering least possible evaporation rate under extreme temperatures of different countries Versatile and adjustable design to be in conformity with different national standards Easy maintenance with highly accessible equipment panel, durable accessories Piping instrumentation design assuring maximum efficiency and safety ASCO CARBON DIOXIDE LTD | Industriestrasse 2 | CH–8590 Romanshorn | T +41 71 466 80 80 | Versi

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Transportable ASCO CO2 Tanks/CO2 Semi-Trailers: Available standard capacities Pos. 001 ASCO CO2 TPU transportable LCO2 Tank, 6 m3 (212 ft3) 6 m³ PUR insulated truck mountable LCO2 transport tank incl. Smith MC–3H LCO2 transfer pump with flexible hoses 5 m Gross volume: Net volume (% 95): Empty weight: Max. filling weight: Max. total weight:    MDMT at mAWP:   Test Temp:    MAWP:    Thermal insulation: ASCO CO2 TPU transportable LCO2 Tank, 12 m3 (424 ft3) 12 m³ PUR insulated truck mountable LCO2 transport tank incl. Smith MC–3H LCO2 transfer pump with flexible hoses 5 m Gross volume: Net...

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